Why viewers are going crazy over the Wansday series

Why viewers are going crazy over the Wansday series
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Only a complete recluse could not have heard about the new Netflix series "Wansday." Without exaggeration, viewers are going crazy! The lead actress, Jenna Ortega, is basking in the glow - her Instagram followers have reached 28 million. On all social networks at every step fans try to copy the heroine's dance, and the Lady Gaga song to which they do it became a hit. Why has "Wensday" become so popular that it has overtaken even the last season of "Very Stranger Things" in terms of views? Portal News Rivne helped to unravel and lift the mystery of the veil.


The "Wansday" series: the new or the forgotten old

Tim Burton's creation is breaking all records. However, Burton wouldn't be himself if he didn't do something that would capture not only movie lovers, but also the social media, beauty and fashion industries. "Wansday" is a spin-off of the long-running story of the Addams Family, meaning the series is an offshoot of an already existing story about this dystopian family. But the current story is more about Morticia and Gomez's daughter, Wansday.

It all started back in the last century with Charles Addams' comic books. Later, as the story became increasingly popular, the first TV series about its characters came out in the '60s. In the early '90s, the Addamses got a new lease on life in a feature film by Barry Sonnenfeld. Since then, the picture's characters have become iconic in pop culture. No Halloween is complete without the reincarnation of these gothic characters. At the time, the role of Wednesday went to Christina Ricci, who, incidentally, played in the now acclaimed spin-off. Now, however, Ricci got a completely different character.

Although many of the heroes in the new series are still from the comic books and the old movie, the story in the creation of Burton's very different - with its innovations and features not only the plot plan. Wensday itself is already different from the old one in many ways. In the series, the main character is forced by her parents to go to an unusual school for "outcasts. It is difficult for the girl to socialize because of her character. She is such a loner. But the desire to run away from school goes into the background when Wansday finds something to do. The heroine tries to unravel a chain of mysteries related to crime as well as to her own family.


The school atmosphere is well revealed in the series, which puts it on par with even the famous "Harry Potter." Some viewers try hard to find in the series copied fragments from other successful projects. Of course, if you try hard, it can be done. But why? After all, the overall atmosphere of the series is quite unique.

Wensday performer Jenna Ortega

Of course, we tip our hat to Tim Burton. But the show's success also owes a lot to Wensday's performer. Jenna Ortega turned out to be a godsend for the director. Imagine, the girl on the show didn't blink at all! That wasn't the intention at first. But when the creators saw that in one of the trial episodes Jenna didn't blink once, they decided to make it a character thing. Of course, Ortega suffered afterwards, as many takes had to be reshot. But the result was worth it.


And what is worth the dance of Wensday! Perhaps, in terms of choreography he is not strong, but how effectively it turned out. By the way, the actress created it herself. Thanks to the charisma of Jenna, the dance broke into trends. Netflix realized that fans are crazy, so they launched a special stream, where they spin this dance without interruptions. It is repeated by millions of users, including even celebrities. Lady Gaga threw herself into the dance and posted it on her page on the network.

On the image of Wensday, the creators of the series have been frothing at the bit. Now the most popular social networking tutorial is makeup and hairstyle in the style of the heroine of the series. Wensday's clothes are also chosen to the finest detail. Though the heroine does not like colored things, more and more black, even from this the creators of the series made a candy. Gothic style was presented in a new reading. Sloppiness was replaced by neatness and tidiness, aristocratic gloss was added. Wensday's closet also includes casual outfits, but they were so cleverly integrated into the heroine's style that you want to applaud.

So what's the secret to success?

If we talk specifically about the success of the series, first of all critics note the dynamic plot. I admit that I watched the series almost in the same breath, because it has all the necessary attributes of mystery stories. When there are mysteries, you just can't calm down until you know all the answers. Also, the overall atmosphere is important - the gloomy closed school, the mystery, the gothicness. But they didn't overdo it, and in many ways the series came out kind. Who didn't shed a tear when at the end Wensday, who hates cuddling, cradles her friend wholeheartedly in her arms?


By the way, it is important that the story reveals the lines of other characters, not just the main character. The cast of the series is impressive. You watch it, you watch it, and then you're like: "Oh, Brienne from Game of Thrones. Who does that teacher remind me of? That's Christina Ricci! Wow, Catherine Zeta-Jones." And what's an arm without a body Thing worth? It's definitely a favorite of many. It has enough immediacy and comic timing to dilute the bleakness all around. Critics have noted that "Wansday" as a yang-adult story can safely be placed alongside "Riverdale," "Twilight," and "Very Stranger Things." And the series will look decent on that list.

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