How Much Does It Cost to Develop an NFT Horse Racing Platform Like Zed Run

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an NFT Horse Racing Platform Like Zed Run
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There is a proverb: when we ride a horse, we borrow freedom. Similarly, in the tech world bitcoin, blockchain, and new financial tech like NFTs are giving a new shape to Web 3.0. With their help, players can create stables, breed colts and stallions, and win races. Are you looking to develop an NFT-based horse racing betting software like Zed Run? Then, you have landed on the right article. 

In this article, you will know the development cost to develop an NFT Horse Racing Platform like Zed Run and it will help you to introduce your own platform like Zed Run. 

Before diving in-depth, let’s know the Zed Run game and its features.

What is Zen Run Game?

Zed Run is a blockchain-based game that has completed over one million races. It allows players to buy, breed, and race virtual horses, and NFTs are used to represent a horse. Each horse has unique characteristics and is categorized into four bloodlines as Nakamoto, Buterin, Szabo, and Finney. 

The key Characteristics of Zed Run 

Here are the key features of the Zed Run game that makes it highly popular and demanded in the horse racing betting software business. 

  • Filter and Search Mechanism 

On a marketplace like Zed Run, investors may purchase male and female horses immediately and by using the filter option, they may also select colts and stallions. Buyers have choices such as recently listed, highest price, lowest price, and expiring soon. By using a filter and search mechanism, users can receive information on the name of the stable, the total time of bidding, stud fees, and the sorts of horses. 


  • Category-wise Horse Segregation 

Here, both male and female horses are classified in many ways, and you can choose your desired generation, bloodline (Nakamoto, Finney, and Buterin), Gender (Colt and Stallion), and Breeds are all included. That’s why people can be proud owners of powerful horses. Due to category-wise segregation, choosing the desired horse became so much easier.


  • Start Play Button 

By choosing the play option, users can compete against other users on the Zed run-like platform. Players can easily attach their Metamask software wallet by installing web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Brave, and Edge. There are so many advanced features and with their help, gamers may sync their Magic Link account and authenticate themselves without a password.

  • Integrated Digital Wallet 

On a platform like Zed Run clone, gamers may enter any competition at a rapid pace. This is possible via software wallets. Here, players can transfer their money without paying any kind of gas costs and process transactions at a high speed, and they can also keep an eye on their balance, withdraw funds, view pending transactions, and prize collection. The most important thing is that Zed runs like the platform is connected to the MATIC network. This layer has advantages like improved user experience, money management, and no load times.

  • Racing Section 

The racing section is divided into panels as events, results, winnings, standings, and next to run. So, horse racers may see a list of current and upcoming races, the location of tournaments, prizes, winners' names, and dates and times of events. Here, the standing panel also plays an important role to display the horses that won the races. It contains a list of sprinters, mid runners, and marathoners, as well as their points and numbers in the table. Finally, colts and stallions must compete and participate in a fixed number of races to secure their ranking and qualifying slot. Horses would participate in tournaments according to their rank in the distance category. 

  • 24×7 Functional Help Center

When racers face any kinds of issues while racing then, they can solve all kinds of concerns by enrolling on a Zed Run clone platform. They can call the help desk for personal assistance. For instance, players can address problems like payment execution, integration with digital wallets, purchasing horses, minting, and listing NFTs on other trading platforms. Here to make contact email, live chat, and the phone used. 

  • Data Analytics Dashboard 

Players must follow the community norms while they are competing in a race on a Zed run-like platform. Likewise, they may get all kinds of information about the leaderboard, race data and time, horse performance, bloodlines, and many more. So, this type of racer can easily know their strong and weak spots and can improve their performance. Participants also receive tips and tactics, footage of the race, information on upcoming matches, and even interactive sessions between two players.

Development Process of an NFT Horseracing Platform like Zed Run

Developing an NFT horseracing platform like Zed Run requires expert guidance at first, and it will be better to consult with an NFT development company. To start the game development process there are two ways that can be chosen by you. 

  • You can develop your NFT based racing software from scratch and can assimilate end-to-end gaming services as a Zed Run game. It is a lengthy process that demands too much time, effort, and money. 
  • Or you can also choose the white label Zed run clone script and can make changes according to your business requirements and add your desired features and functions. This process is quite affordable and much better than starting from scratch. You can get your horse racing betting software within a few days in this process. 

If you want to develop your software from scratch then you have to go through this below-given development process:

  • Brainstorming
  • Road map
  • Creative design
  • Blockchain developers
  • Testing
  • Development

If you want to know the working process of an NFT marketplace like Zed Run, then here is the step by step process:

  • Building a Stable
  • Racing the horses
  • Breeding the horses to create new legacies
  • Participating in different racing levels
  • Setting up a stable with horses of different stocks
  • Buying new horses for the races 
  • Seamless payments and transactions

Benefits Of Developing A Game With Zed Run Clone

If you are looking to start your own horse racing gaming platform, then the Zed Run clone is the perfect solution. You can easily make any kind of changes that are required by you and can also add features and functions to it. 


  • Affordable 

The cost of sports betting software development that is a clone of Zed Run is lower than developing the game from scratch. It also saves you a lot of time because all scripts are ready-made. So, within a short time duration, you can deploy it and launch the game platform. 

  • Faster Development 

In the white-label solution, the development process becomes so much faster because here, all things are already designed and developed. You have to make only a few changes according to your requirements and needs. That takes only a few days.

  • Customizable 

The clone script is very easy to customize. So, the developers can make all kinds of changes in an easy way. They can also add their required features and function in it. 

  • Secure 

All scripts of clones are developed on a robust and secure framework. So, the users can be assured of security. There is no risk of players' data hacking. 

  • Scalable 

The clone platform of Zed Run Clone is highly scalable. If there is a sudden increase in traffic on your game platform, then you have no need to worry about the platform crashing because it can be easily expanded. 

Cost to Develop an NFT Horse Racing Platform Like Zed Run

As the demand for horse racing betting software is increasing day by day, then it has become a profitable business for both owners and users. So, it is the right time to introduce your own betting platform, and for that, you can also take the help of an NFT development company

As we all know that the cost of any software depends on its features and functionalities, as above we have discussed the features of Zed Run software, and a gaming platform such as that will cost approximately $40,000 to $80,000. The cost can vary if you add advanced and innovative features. 

Final Word

This article helps you to know all aspects of NFT-based horse racing platforms like the Zed Run game. Here, detailed described features, development process, and cost will help you to introduce your own horse racing gaming platform and to make it more innovative and efficient, you can take the help of an NFT game development company.

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