How To Find Student Accommodation London

How To Find Student Accommodation London
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London has consistently been the top choice for students looking to study in the greatest cities in the UK. While all international students are aware of the city's academic requirements, few are aware of their options when looking for student housing in London.

London provides several housing options that suit each person's interests for students of all financial means. But where can you locate housing for students in the UK? Which is the best university accommodation in the UK to pick if a student decides to stay on campus? Continue reading to get all of your questions answered.

What housing choices are available for students in London?

The beautiful thing about living in the UK is the wide range of options for London student housing. Students can choose their level of comfort and privacy based on their available budget. As a result, London offers the following four categories of UK housing to international students:

  • University Halls
  • Private Student Halls
  • Homestays
  • Private Flats

Types of Student Accommodation

University halls

Most first-year students choose them as one of the most popular housing options in the city. In this setting, kids will have their own bedrooms, but they will also share some common areas like the kitchen and restrooms.

Particularly for students who have just started their first year at university, this kind of lodging is convenient. At the beginning of the academic year, it is preferable to live in university housing so that you may get to know your classmates better and tour London together. Build strong social ties with other students while learning new cooking techniques and going shopping together.

Private student halls

Private student halls operate similarly to university residences. The primary distinction is that commercial businesses, rather than the university, are in control of the residence halls. Private Student Accommodation London allows for greater privacy than university residence halls do. Even the former has a choice in who they want to share a room with.

Students will once again have to share facilities like the kitchen, etc. Students may also have private areas of their own for activities such as gardening.


As everyone is aware, homestays involve lodging with a family. This has been demonstrated to be a wise decision, particularly for international students or those who want to spend less on student housing in the UK.

The host family will take care of your stuff, cook for you, and attend to any other special needs in exchange for a fair rent. Staying with a local family while visiting London might teach a visitor more about the area and how to live there.

Private apartments

Private apartments are one of the most popular types of housing in London, particularly for international students. This kind of housing is preferred by students who want to live independently. After becoming accustomed to London's way of life, students may decide to live alone there so that they can live on their own terms.

Here, students have the option of picking the neighborhood they want to live in and having their own private space. The majority of students who intend to live privately are typically in their second year.

How can students get housing in London, UK?

You now understand the many forms of UK housing available to international students. So how can you choose the best house that meets your interests when there are so many options?

Here are four methods for helping international students find appropriate housing in the UK:

  • Websites
  • University Email
  • Agencies
  • Word Of Mouth


There are numerous services online that can assist you in finding quality student housing in the UK. Among them are:

  • Spare Room- To assist in locating private housing possibilities. 
  • GumTre- To assist in locating rental properties and furniture
  • Facebook markets can be used to identify available private housing choices or shared spaces, among other things.

University Email

Your desired institution will send you information via email if you decide to live in university halls, usually referred to as halls of residence. You should contact your university's faculty staff to learn more about this.


One of the well-liked methods for locating student housing in London is through agencies. Despite their expensive service price, the former offers excellent accommodation alternatives from the list. There are many reputed agencies that are sure to find the perfect home away from home for you. Seek their advice and make your student accommodation search easy.

Word Of Mouth

Word-of-mouth recommendations are a practical method of locating the ideal residence for you in London. Talk with your peers or a senior who is familiar with the housing possibilities in London. Your decision-making process can be sped up with the aid of their recommendations.

For many years, students have enjoyed visiting London. The UK's high academic standards and reasonably priced housing for overseas students have attracted the latter's attention on a worldwide scale. Finding student housing in the UK is easier once you enroll in college and make acquaintances.

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