Some Methods to Find Student Accommodation Abroad

Some Methods to Find Student Accommodation Abroad
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Many students have the enthusiasm to study abroad. Several universities in different parts of the world are offering superior-class education to students. Moreover, many student properties are providing accommodation per the modern tastes of students.

The question that is relevant here to think is how to find student housing abroad. There are several methods available for this purpose. You can work through both conventional and modern methods. Here, you will know about some of those methods.

Traditional Method: Visiting the City to Search for Accommodation

This is the least used method today since it is very time-consuming and expensive. In this method, you are required to visit the city where you are enrolled and you need accommodation. You can visit there some days before the commencement of your session and your journey to that city. But, it is very time-consuming plus you need to spend a lot of money for the additional travel to an overseas country.

Another option is to start searching when you reach your host city. For this, you can start your journey a few days before the beginning of your session. But, still, this is expensive since you will have to spend some days in a hotel or resort until you don’t get student accommodation.

Another Conventional But Comparatively Advanced Method: Booking Accommodation via Offline Agents

There is another method, which is also conventional but is comparatively advanced as compared to the previous one. Some agents facilitate you booking accommodation in your home country. Some of them offer these services offline whereas there are some others, which provide these services online.

With the help of offline agents, you need to spend fewer bucks and are not required to pay a huge amount for an additional visit to your host country or to hotels or resorts. You are just required to pay the fees of the agents. But, in these methods, you get limited options. You have to choose among only four or five accommodation properties shown to you by the agents on their brochures.

Modern Method: Websites of Accommodation Owners

This is the modern method, which is very time-saving and money-saving as compared to the above two methods. You are required to visit the websites of accommodation owners which you can know through Google. If you already have information about some accommodations that you have acquired from newspaper ads or the word of mouth, then you can directly visit their websites.

Tips to find student accommodation abroad

This is true that the method is more convenient than the traditional methods but it also has some limitations. You can see limited student housing properties through this method. Moreover, you cannot compare different properties at the same time very easily. Besides, you miss those properties, which do not have websites.

Most Advanced and Popular Method: Online Student Accommodation Service Platforms

Visiting online accommodation service platforms is the most advanced and popular method of searching for student accommodation abroad today. All the limitations you get in the above-mentioned methods do not exist in this method.

You need to visit the website of any such platform today. On that website, you find lists of different student properties available in a number of cities in the world. You are required to search the names of the city where you are enrolled and you find the list. You can also enter the name of your university in the search box and you get a sorted list according to the distance from that university.

In the list, you can find both the properties which have their websites as well as which do not. Moreover, you find the list of many properties in a single place. You also find some special features to get accommodation as per your requirement, budget, and preferences.

One of the features is the filter feature, which allows you to filter the list according to their price ranges, amenities available, room categories, shared or unshared accommodations, private or shared bathrooms, and some other aspects. Another feature is the comparison feature through which you can compare different properties on a single webpage. You can compare their prices, amenities, distance from the university, and more.

You can also know about the discounts available from time to time. Moreover, you also get an option to ask your query from the accommodation owner. You also find a live chat option, which allows you to talk to the executives of the platform. You also find the booking option on these sites.

Some of these online platforms today also offer mobile apps. So, you can access some features from your mobile also.


You can choose any of the above-mentioned but it will not be wrong to say that searching through the online service platform is the most convenient and efficient method today.

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