How to get a Custom Domain Email for a Professional Business Presence via

How to get a Custom Domain Email for a Professional Business Presence via
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29 June 2022

Are you just about to start a business and you’re not sure where to start in terms of an email address for your new business? Then go through this brief guide covering everything you must know about a professional email address for business purposes.

Have you ever received emails from businesses, but with email IDs registered on Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail? Admit it - the first impression isn’t a trustworthy one.

These emails rot in the trash folder if they’re luckier than landing in spam straight away. Don’t be that business. A mere email ID extension won’t change anything for you. But for your customers, that’s the first impression of your business.

A secure email address customized to your business needs can help you prevent this and make your business presence much more professional.

Why do you need a professional email address?

An email address with your business or website name will help create authenticity and credibility. It is the first step towards appearing professional in front of your clients. has made the process of creating a customized domain extremely easy and cheap. Anyone can register a domain with SeekaHost and get a free email account within minutes. You can also invest in the best cheap email hosting, starting from $1, and get a secure and personalized email account.

How to Get a Custom Domain Email?

The unique hosting service by SeekaHost offers customized email addresses to enthusiastic and innovative entrepreneurs. Their efficient, ad-free, secure services help you create a professional platform for your business with flexible storage capacity.

The email hosting plans provided by SeekaHost allow you to create specific personalized email addresses for various purposes. For example, if you have an email address is, you can put it on your official website or blog as your contact information. You can set up different emails for different purposes like inquiries, marketing, and correspondence. Use specific domain names for individual emails to distinctly identify the objectives.

Since all these individual emails will be hosted through a single SeekaHost account, anyone can manage them from one location in their mail accounts. In addition, you will be able to create new email addresses and change passwords very quickly via the SeekaPanel.

What is special about SeekaHost Email Hosting Services?

The user-friendly interface of the allows anyone to register through SeekaPanel and set up a customized domain within minutes.

Beginners who are just starting with web hosting can follow the simple guide to domain registration without digging a burning hole in their pocket. only takes $1 a month to get started with a personalized email address included for free when purchasing web hosting.

Along with easy accessibility and affordability, there are a lot of other benefits of opening a custom email address from SeekaHost. Some of them are:

  • Custom emails are set up with Webmail that works like Outlook, Gmail, and Yahoo.

  • Easy transfer (send and receive) of emails through any device.

  • Operation of multiple email domains at the same time.

  • Hosting between one to twenty mailboxes for efficiency and convenience.

  • PHP 7.3 backend for ultimate security.

  • Anti-spam protection.

  • User-friendly interface.

  • Robust technology.

  • Private and ad-free emails.

  • Flexible storage features,

  • POP3, IMAP, webmail.

  • An entirely localized webmail.

  • No additional costs.

  • 24/7 Expert Support.

Why is Custom Email Domain Hosting important?

There are several benefits to having a customized email address on the name of your website or business such as:

  • A purposeful email address with the name of the brand creates awareness and benefits marketing strategies.

  • Provides private and secure email communication without any third-party interference.

  • Share confidential files and documents with other contacts through secure emails.

  • Use the branded email in blogs, websites, and social media platforms to establish a professional online presence.

  • Send custom emails that represent your brand's vision and connect with a potentially available customer base.

  • Build brand name and credibility by sending authentic emails with your customized domain name.

  • Increase your response rate by reaching out to other brands through emails for partnerships and collaborations.

  • Operate multiple domains with abundant disk space, data transfer, single-click app installer for WordPress and SSL certificates.

  • Connect your email account with other email software brands like Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Mail, Yahoo, etc.

Benefits of Email Hosting Plans from SeekaHost

How to get a Custom Domain Email for a Professional Business Presence via

Many companies have recently offered affordable email hosting plans due to the scope of an ever-growing market. However, the plans provided by SeekaHost cover more features at a lower price compared with others.

SeekaHost allows up to 100GB of storage, making data transfer considerably easy via email accounts. It also provides added security and optimization features without any tracking or advertisements. Therefore, you will not experience any data breaches while using a customized email account from SeekaHost.

4 Affordable Email Hosting Plans Offered by SeekaHost


  • Price - $1/month

  • Features - 1 mailbox and 5 GB of email storage


  • Price - $3/month

  • Features - 3 mailboxes and 15 GB of email storage


  • Price - $10/month

  • Features - 10 mailboxes and 50 GB of email storage


  • Price - $20/month

  • Features - 100 GB of email storage

Find more information in this video tutorial: (38) Cheap Email Hosting Packages With SeekaHost - YouTube.

How does the SeekaPanel work for Email Hosting?

The SeekaPanel provides many functional features available in popular email platforms like Microsoft Outlook or Gmail. Such features make your customized email look professional and trustworthy. Moreover, unlike other brands using a standard Gmail or Yahoo address, your brand will have a unique appearance that is beneficial for drawing the attention of potential customers in while you can continue to manage all your emails via your favourite email platforms as web mail can be connected with Outlook, Gmail etc.

So, even if you’re simply selling on not on the high street or Esty or any other e-commerce platform, you should have a unique business name to stand out and it should be reflected in your email address so your customers can rest assured that you’re a professional business.

How to easily Create a Domain Email Address via

Setting up a custom domain email address via SeekaHost is not only easy but affordable. Here are the following steps to create a new customized email address:

  • According to your necessity, subscribe to one of the four email hosting plans that SeekaHost offers.

  • Once you have chosen the plan and made the payment, you can start creating a new email by going to the email hosting menu in the sidebar.

  • Click on the "register new domain" button if you do not already have a domain.

  • After choosing a valid domain, select the subscription you need and click on the create button.

  • If you want to manage your domains, click on the gear button.

  • Use the "create mailbox" button for allotting mailboxes to individual domains.

  • Enter the name of the mailbox and the password and click on the "save changes" button to finish the process.

  • You can now start using these individual mailboxes through Webmail or IMAP/POP3.

Apart from helping you host your emails for your new or existing business, SeekaHost can contribute to your online business in many other ways. You can access numerous support articles and videos through their website, and you can contact their 24/7 support services. Via the you can access the SeekaHost University for free, which provides digital skills and knowledgeable advice to develop and market your website. So, get started with a professional business presence today.

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