Interactive Content What Does It Mean And When Does Content Creation Support SEO?

Interactive Content What Does It Mean And When Does Content Creation Support SEO?
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Among the amount of content that is published on the Internet every day, the amount that engages is extremely valuable both for the audience and for marketers. The first of them receive interesting, unusual, personalized content. Others have the opportunity to refine their marketing strategies. Interactive content can also be a factor influencing the positioning of websites, support seo activities, which in turn translates into the functioning of the business. As we have written many times on our blog, caring for the quality of content is essential. So how to use power of content marketing, interactive content what does it mean and how to create it effectively?

What does interactive content mean?

Interactive content is content that aims to engage the user to take specific actions. Creating interactive content can turn out to be a good way to educate, entertain, but most of all, to engage your audience. However, it should be remembered that interactive content must above all be valuable for the user. Thanks to this, it is possible to establish a dialogue between him and the company, as well as to disseminate the content we have created among a wider group of recipients.

Examples of interactive content:

Calculators - they are commonly used by websites dealing with finance or e-commerce, they are a good solution for the valuation of products or services, estimating and comparing the costs of various product functions.

Quizzes are also a great way to interact with a potential customer. Thanks to them, you can adjust the service to the personal preferences of the client. By creating a custom test, you can help people understand their situation or create personalized recommendations. Quizzes, polls or polls give knowledge about the views of the audience on a specific topic, which can be later used to improve your products or services.

Infographics guarantee the presentation of content in an interesting and non-standard way, which will attract the attention of recipients. With infographics, you can reveal reused topics in a new and exciting way. Additionally, the use of tools to make the infographics more dynamic or creating an attractive visualization will help to present the data in a way easier to understand and interpret.

Multi-dimensional photos and videos - an example of this type of interactive content is showing goods or services in 360 degrees, which can help you try them out before buying. Thanks to this, the user, when making a purchase decision, can carefully familiarize him with the offered product without leaving home.

Live chats, diagnostic tests, problem solving tools - i.e. tools that allow you to improve online customer service, increase the brand's ability to respond to customer inquiries and problems and shorten their waiting time for technical support.

Interactive timelines, heat maps - are an interesting way to depict events in the life of a given company, and thus bring the way of functioning of the company to clients even closer.

The above forms may be published as separate items intended to provide the user with a specific experience, but also as part of a larger whole. Creating content by combining multiple elements increases the attractiveness of the content. However, it should be remembered that, above all, they must be legible and understandable for the user. Read: Infographics, how to make words graphical?

Does creating interactive content work?

Interactive posts content is a way to talk to your audience. They bring dynamism and power of persuasion through channels such as blog, email, paid advertising, or wherever audiences can be found.

When the interest of users who want to test themselves, compete, compare, share their opinion or just have fun, it will be easier to personalize the content. Remember that personalization is attractive, and through all interactive content, the user can get a unique result depending on what answer he gives.

Well-prepared interactive content can be a response to the so-called "Customer pain", customer inquiries or a source to attract new customers.

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