iPhone XS Plus and iPhone 11 Accessories Guide: Must-Haves for Pakistani Users

iPhone XS Plus and iPhone 11 Accessories Guide: Must-Haves for Pakistani Users
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Owning an iPhone is more than just a statement—it’s about experiencing technology with elegance and efficiency. For Pakistani users, finding the right accessories for their iPhones, particularly for models like the iPhone XS Plus 64GB and iPhone 11 in Pakistan, is crucial to enhance and protect their devices. In this guide, we'll explore some of the must-have accessories for these models, ensuring your iPhone not only lasts longer but also performs better.

Protective Cases and Screen Protectors

The first and foremost accessory you need for your iPhone XS Plus 64GB or iPhone 11 is a good protective case. The bustling streets and busy lifestyle in Pakistan mean your phone is always at risk of drops and scratches. A durable case, preferably one with shock absorption technology, can minimize damage during drops. Brands like OtterBox, Spigen, and UAG offer robust cases that provide excellent protection without compromising style.

Equally important is a high-quality screen protector. The iPhone XS Plus and iPhone 11 both boast beautiful screens that are central to their user experience. A tempered glass screen protector can help prevent cracks and scratches, which are common with regular use. Look for protectors that offer oleophobic coating to resist fingerprints and smudges.

Portable Chargers and Power Banks

With the constant use of apps, browsing, and photography, your iPhone’s battery will drain quicker than you might expect. For users who are often on the move, a portable charger or power bank is indispensable. Consider purchasing a power bank with at least 10,000 mAh capacity to ensure your iPhone XS Plus 64GB or iPhone 11 stays charged throughout the day. Brands like Anker and Xiaomi offer compact models with fast charging capabilities, making them perfect for the lifestyle of an active iPhone user in Pakistan.

High-Quality Earphones or Earbuds

Whether it’s for calls, music, or streaming videos, having a great pair of earphones or earbuds can significantly enhance your audio experience. For iPhone 11 users, Apple’s AirPods offer seamless integration with iOS, allowing for hands-free access to Siri, easy connection, and a wire-free experience. If you prefer wired earphones, consider the Apple EarPods with Lightning Connector, which provide clear sound quality and an inline remote for easy control.

Photography Accessories

The iPhone XS Plus 64GB and iPhone 11 are popular among Pakistani users not only for their performance but also for their camera capabilities. Enhance your photography with accessories like a mobile tripod or a gimbal stabilizer, which are great for capturing stable and clear photos and videos. Brands like DJI and Joby offer excellent options that are compatible with iPhones.

Moreover, consider investing in external lenses by companies like Olloclip or Moment. These can be clipped onto your iPhone and offer different focal lengths like wide-angle, macro, and fisheye, expanding your photographic possibilities.

Car Accessories

For those who spend a lot of time driving, car accessories can make a big difference. A car mount is a simple yet essential accessory that allows you to use your iPhone XS Plus 64GB or iPhone 11 safely while driving. Look for a mount that offers stability and flexibility, such as those with suction cups that attach firmly to your windshield or dashboard.

Additionally, a car charger is crucial if you use your iPhone for navigation or streaming music on long drives. Opt for a charger that supports fast charging to minimize the time your iPhone needs to be plugged in.

Protection Plans and Insurance

Given the investment in an iPhone XS Plus 64GB or iPhone 11 Pakistan, securing a protection plan or insurance for your device is a wise choice. These plans can cover accidental damage, theft, and other unforeseen incidents that could otherwise be costly. Check with local providers for packages that suit your needs and budget.

Where to Buy

When purchasing accessories, it’s important to buy from reputable retailers to ensure authenticity and warranty coverage. In Pakistan, authorized Apple stores and certified resellers are reliable sources. Online marketplaces like Daraz.pk also offer a variety of accessories but be sure to check seller ratings and reviews for assurance of quality.


Accessorizing your iPhone XS Plus 64GB or iPhone 11 not only personalizes your device but also enhances its functionality and longevity. From protective gear to power solutions and audio enhancements, each accessory adds a layer of convenience and protection. By choosing the right products, you ensure that your investment remains secure and continues to serve your needs efficiently throughout its lifespan.

With this guide, Pakistani iPhone users can equip themselves with all the essentials needed to maximize their iPhone experience, ensuring both protection and enhanced usability. Happy accessorizing!

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