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Welcome to our official site where we provide an honest review about new and trending software. Today we are going to describe an honest review of Massfluence software that is used for creating sites with Self-Growing ‘Gamified’ Communities, Videos, Courses, & Selling Systems. It helps to enhance the lead by displaying your business detail online. Let’s take a dive to get full detail about Massfluence software.

Massfluence Software Review
Massfluence Software Review
Product Massfluence
Seller Ben Murray & Karthik Ramani
Release Date 26 Oct. 2022
Price $27
Bonus Yes
Guarantee 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Recommended Highly

Introduction: Massfluence

Massfluence is a cloud-based software that is used for creating sites and helps to display all the information of a business on online. It creates next-generation websites that grow automatically by push-button.

The created sites by the Massfluence platform helps to sell product, events, and courses. You can sell both physical and digital products there. The Massfluence platform is fully based on automatic and advanced technology versions. It provides you the real value of your money.

Massfluence software increases the revenues and profit of a business. You can earn more profit using this software. There is no need of any coding skills and experience to access this software. You can easily access this software. It is totally time-saving software.

What are the features of Massfluence software?

We are here to describe some stunning and attractive features of Massfluence software. Check below the following

1. Create ‘Next Generation’ Sites from DFY Templates

Massfluence Feature

Create new websites using lovely templates to automate lead generation, product sales, and community building.

Create instant changes to your Massfluence site’s colors, logos, and other features with just one click. Include moderators and admins as well.

2. Create Revolutionary ‘Site Channels’

Create a variety of interesting channels on your website, such as discussion channels to encourage dialogue, content channels to disseminate trending information, product channels to market physical things or courses, and resource channels to point users to support or events.

Massfluence Feature

3. Push-Button Viral Communities

Massfluence Feature

Create active fan groups that know, like, and trust you automatically with robust engagement and chat capabilities.

Amazing conversations can emerge spontaneously because to Massfluence’s rich interaction technology, which also quickly grows your group.

4. Built-in Gamification

Massfluence is the only app that uses gamification technology to create communities very quickly.

Use points and leaderboard technology to reward users for contributions to discussions, postings, purchases, referrals, and more.

Massfluence Feature

5. Create In-Person and Digital Events

Massfluence Feature

Create and display events on your Massfluence page with a single click to encourage visitors to sign up and attend.

Make physical events they may register for or digital activities like a member-only Zoom call or webinar.

6. Video & Voice Marketing Tech.

In your community, members can exchange voice messages or videos from their desktop or mobile devices.

Massfluence Feature

7. Live Chat and Private DM Features

Massfluence Feature

Similar to Facebook, Massfluence enables community members to live chat in real-time with one another.

Encourage direct messaging and discussions with specific community members, just like on a large social network, but without commercials and other distractions.

8. Get Prequalified Local Business Leads

We’ll work to get you customers who will pay monthly subscription prices for Massfluence gaming sites. Get small business clients who are battling with pricey outdated sales and funnel products who are desperate for increased leads and sales.

You’ll discover exactly where to look for customers who are eager to pay monthly fees to have these viral sales hubs and communities established for them.

Massfluence Feature

9. QR Code Technology

Massfluence Feature

With only one click, make QR codes that connect to particular Massfluence groups.

Posting these QR codes can let small businesses quickly create gamified communities, for example, in delivery flyers.

Extra Features


Easy Steps: How does Massfluence software work?

We are here to describe some steps to know how Massfluence software works. Check below the following

Step #1: Choose a Website Template & Add Channels

First, pick a premium template from a range of options for your new website. Next, decide which entertaining channels you want to incorporate into it.

Step #2: Add Your Products And Courses

Integrate your stuff into your new website after that. You can submit full HD video lessons, link to other websites’ items, or use payment integration to sell your own digital or tangible goods.

Step #3: Turn on the Gamification & Viral Growth

Enable the ‘gamification’ options in Massfluence to motivate users to share content, leave comments, and make purchases.

Step #4: Watch the Leads and Sales Happen Handsfree

Your community will inevitably grow as members interact with one another and generate new leads.

Due to the social proof provided by the community, members will also start purchasing your products that have been integrated into Massfluence without the need for hard selling.

How to earn profit using Massfluence?

You ca earn profit using Massfluence software through different ways. Check below the following

1. Brick & Mortar Stores


The cost of lead generation is rising too quickly for mom-and-pop firms.

  • Live product demonstrations for clients
  • Create leads and members without spending any money on advertising
  • Create testimonials and social proof
  • Quickly win the confidence and recommendations of new clients.

2. Marketing Agencies


The goal of your agency funnel is to close local business prospects by getting them on a Zoom or Skype session.

Instead, just create a gamified network where small businesses can share free marketing advice without having to go through the lengthy, expensive funnel.

3. E-Com Stores


Connect your business to a Massfluence gamified community to create a tribe of fans who will make purchases and refer others in exchange for points.

You may now link your physical products directly into your Massfluence website to save even more time and money!

4. Digital Product Creators


These days, selling your course requires a lot of work and money.

But with Massfluence, you can provide your consumers with a single location that promotes events, generates conversation, and helps you sell HD video courses.

Amazing Bonus!

Massfluence provides some amazing bonuses to the user who purchase or buy Massfluence software plan through our page link or referral link. Check below the following

Bonus #1: Million Viral Articles for Communities

Massfluence Bonus

Get 1 million original, popular articles to use for your blogs, videos, and other projects, sell to customers, and promote in your Massfluence communities.

Bonus #2: Premium LeadMagnet Bundle Consultants & Agencies

Massfluence Bonus

Use these pricey consultant templates to create lead magnets for your organization or to sell to nearby companies who need help growing their customer base and email list.

Bonus #3: Rights to Local Multistore Locator Maps

Massfluence Bonus

The greatest app for making Google Maps, allowing you to include several store locations on one map (sell to local companies).

Bonus #4: Rights to Local Testimonial Creator

Massfluence Bonus

Use this simple testimonial maker and designer to display testimonials for any small business.

Bonus #5: QR Code Genius Maker

Massfluence Bonus

Assist small businesses in quickly implementing mobile marketing. Make attractive QR codes that can be scanned to access any link or advertising campaign.

Bonus #6: Whiskers and Cheese Method for Getting Offline Clients

Massfluence Bonus

Utilize this strategy to convince local companies and clients interested in video marketing to CALL YOU and pay top cash for your services.

Massfluence: Plans And Their Prices

The pricing of each type of plan offered by Massfluence depends on the features that are included in the plan. Check below the following

1. Massfluence Starter Plan


  • Tutorials & 24-7 Support
  • Create Resource & Blog Channels
  • Autoresponder Integration
  • Gamification Technology
  • Create & Run Events
  • Sell Digital or Physical Products
  • 12 DFY Templates
  • Make 50 Sites
  • Make 100 Private or Public Groups

Regular Price: $497

Hurry Up! Get This Exclusive Deal At Just $27

Massfluence Plan

2. Massfluence Professional Plan


  • Tutorials & 24-7 Support
  • Create Resource & Blog Channels
  • Autoresponder Integration
  • Gamification Technology
  • Create & Run Events
  • Sell Digital or Physical Products
  • Upload and Host Courses
  • Live Chat and Direct Messaging
  • Viral Link Referral Technology
  • Video & Voice Marketing Tech.
  • QR Code Technology
  • 20 DFY Templates
  • Make 100 Sites
  • Make 500 Private or Public Groups
  • Commercial Rights (Sell to Businesses)
  • Agency Rights – 15 Accounts

Regular Price: $697

Hurry Up! Get This Exclusive Deal Today At Just $42

Massfluence Plan

3. Massfluence Bundle Plan


(A). Tutorials & 24-7 Support

(B). Access to Massfluence Professional

(C). All Upgrades to Massfluence

(D). All Licenses and Bonuses

Regular Price: $2997

Hurry Up! Get This Exclusive Deal Today At Just $267

Use Coupon Code “bundleclosing” To Get $5 OFF

Massfluence Plan
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