Minecraft Console Cheats and Commands How to make use of The Commands

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19 September 2022

To take the tedious work out of crafting and speed up your inventory management, here's a list of clever Minecraft cheats - accomplished by using console commands.

It's not as hard as it seems, however the entire process is explained in the following article. You can also check out our guide on how you can tame the Minecraft Fox and how to enable Ray-tracing within the block builder.

Firstly, as with most mods that are available, cheats are only available on PC and console gamers will have to grind in the traditional method. These can only be utilized in worlds with cheats enabled. This is why you will be asked when you create a new world or open a single-player LAN game and select 'Allow Cheats.

With your cheat-enabled world ready and loaded, all you need to do is type in some commands now - with the first step, pressing the 'C' key to bring up the command bar.

The command bar is where you enter commands. Each one has to be preceded by a forward-slash (/). You will also need to choose the targets that will get your cheats. However, rather than entering full names, you may make use of these shorthand target selection shortcuts.

- @p = nearest player - @r = random player

@a = All Players

- @e = all entities

- @s = the entity executing the command

The basics are now covered - you need to enter your desired cheater's code using the following console commands.

Minecraft player console commands


Kill [player] kills your character. You can also target other players in your world by typing their names.


/tp [player] Teleport yourself to specific coordinates around the globe. Again, it can be used on another player by adding their name.

Status Effects

Effect [duration] Applied an effect that is selected to the specified player or entity with the duration of the effect measured in seconds.

Clear Status Effects

/effect clear [effect] Clears all effects or just a specified effect from a player or an entity


"/enchant" [level] Applied a specific enchantment on the chosen item of the player, at their discretion.


/experience add Adds the stated experience points to a specified player. Instead of adding the word levels at end, you can add the levels of experience.

Help [CommandName] displays additional information about the selected command.


/give [Amount]

Give another player a specified amount of the item in your inventory.

Minecraft World Console Commands

Seed Code

Seed Gets you an access code for your seed to help you create your own world later.

Place World Spawn

Set the world spawn location to the current location of the player or to the specified number of coordinates.

Change the game mode

/gamemode [player]

You can switch the game's game mode to adventure, survival, creative or even spectator.

Change Difficulty Level

/difficulty Change difficulty level to peaceful, normal or easy.

Change World Time

Time set Change the world game time by using the following values The values are: 0 = Dawn 1000 = Morning, 6000 = Midday, 12000 = Dusk, or 18000 = Night.

Stop the Day/Night Cycle

/gamerule doDaylightCycle false To turn off the day/night cycle off, switch false to true and start it again.


Weather [duration] Changes the weather. Types include clear thunder, rain and an optional duration in seconds.

Weather Changes can be turned off

The /gamerule doWeatherCycle False Weather change are turned off, and false is replaced with true to reactivate.

Clone the blocks between coordinates and , and place them at the coordinates .

Atlantis mode


This is a unique one - raise the water level in your world to mimic Atlantis.

Change Fall damage

/falldamage Turn off or on fall damage

Fire damage

/firedamage Switch off and on fire damage.

Water damage

/waterdamage Change whether damage to water is enabled

Instant plant

Instant Plant - Seeds that are planted immediately begin to grow.

Instant mine

/instantmine Enables one click mining

Minecraft Mob and Item commands

Add to your Inventory

* Adds the specified item to the player’s inventory in the quantity selected as much as is possible.

Keep your inventory in case you die.

/gamerule keepInventory False You won't lose your inventory items when you die. Replace true with false to reverse the action.

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