'Minecraft Dungeons' is Delayed Until May 26th

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Minecraft Dungeons is on the way to PC and consoles although it's a bit more late than what we had hoped for. Mojang announces that the Minecraft dungeon-crawler spin-off will drop May 26th on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation 4 and, as announced at the last week's surprise Direct, Nintendo Switch.

The studio owned by Microsoft originally planned to release Minecraft Dungeons in April, but due to coronavirus-related issues "this was no longer possible. We wanted to ensure the health and safety of our employees, and enable them to provide the best possible experience for you, our players."

Gather with your friends and get ready for adventure! Minecraft Dungeons will be available on May 26th for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows and Xbox One. Get your copy now!

- https://t.co/A2UnaxJtzy - pic.twitter.com/q9VTPXs2Ps

- Minecraft Dungeons (@dungeonsgame) March 31, 2020 Mojang has also released a few additional details about the game, including the fact that it will include a cross-platform multiplayer option via an upcoming patch. Serverstat.net You can join forces with three players both in online and local co-op modes. The missions use a blend of fixed and procedurally generated elements to keep things fresh each time you play while making sure the narrative and objectives stay intact.

Two versions of Minecraft Dungeons will be available. The $20 standard edition will be available in two variations. A $30 hero edition will include cosmetic items and access the DLC packs.

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