Minecraft Jungle Biomes Explained

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24 September 2022

Jungles are among the largest and most diverse biomes found in Minecraft. Here's how to locate a Jungle in Minecraft and what to expect when you get there.

Information in this article applies to all versions of Minecraft including Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

How to Find a Jungle in Minecraft

Jungles are considered to be rare in the game. Jungles like all biomes in Minecraft have no fixed location. However they tend to be more likely to appear near Savannas and Mesas than Desert biomes. Jungles are immediately evident because of the abundance of tall trees. They cover nearly the entire roof of the jungle with their leaves.

You can pinpoint the exact coordinates of Jungle biomes by using an external tool known as Biome Finder.

Jungle Trees

Jungle trees can reach up to 30 blocks in height and are typically covered in vines that players can climb. The biggest Jungle trees are built with four blocks that extends upwards, so you can gather 120 blocks of wood from one tree. Jungle trees also make great bases for treehouses.

When the tree's Jungle Wood has been refined and transformed into Jungle Wood Planks, the wood has a slight pinkish-red color. The only unique feature of the Jungle Wood Planks is their color. Like all Planks, they can be used to make various items and tools, so you can create colors for items such as Doors, Boats, or Stairs.
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Jungle Types

Jungles biomes come in different variations:

- Regular Jungle - Jungle Hills

- Jungle Edge

- Bamboo Jungles

While regular Jungle biomes can be dangerous, Jungle Hills are even more dangerous. In the Jungle Hill, it's best to remain seated on the ground until you find an option to hold yourself up in the air. In the Edge variations of the Jungle biome the trees are smaller and further apart. Bamboo Jungles are mini-biomes which occur within regular Jungles where the trees are smaller and it is more likely to encounter pandas.

Jungle Ocelots

Only the Jungle biome is home to Ocelots. Ocelots can be difficult to find because of the denseness of the trees and bushes. However they are worth the effort because they can frighten off Minecraft Creepers who try to sneak up on them.

Slowly approach an Ocelot with a raw fish to catch it. Once the mob has seen you and isn't running away, stop and remain in the same spot. Allow the Ocelot to approach and then feed it in order to gain its trust.

Jungle Temples

In some Jungle biomes, you will find mysterious structures made out of Mossy Cobblestone or Chiseled Stone Bricks. The Jungle Temples are packed with puzzles, traps and lots of treasure. There are items like a Arrows and Bones, as well as rotten Flesh and Saddles.

Jungle Plants

Cocoa plants are a rare species that grows on the Jungle Biome's sides. There are three kinds of Cocoa plants: small medium-sized, yellow-orange and ready to harvest dark orange-brown varieties. The harvested Cocoa can be used for making recipes for food, changing the color of items and much more. Cocoa Beans can only be placed on Jungle Wood, so if you plan to bring it out of the Jungle to establish a farm, you should bring a handful of pieces of Jungle Wood with you.

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