Mojang Reassures Minecraft Fans about Microsoft Deal

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03 October 2022

Mojang reassures Minecraft fans about Microsoft deal

The boss of Minecraft-maker Mojang has assured fans about what might occur when Microsoft assumes control.

In mid-September, Microsoft announced a $2.5bn (PS1.5bn), deal to purchase Mojang.

But Vu Bui, chief operating officer of Mojang said that there was no plan in the offing to change the game or how people can do with it.

Feedback from players would still be crucial to grow the game, he said.

"Nothing's going to change," stated Mr Bui. We don't have plans for changing anything and obviously I'm not able to discuss the deal and I don't know everything but we're still here, the game's here and it's business as normal."

Open view

Mojang said that he had always tried to preserve the original enthusiasm that made the game so well-known.

"Maintaining that authentic culture is a real challenge," he said. It's a society that is respectful of the community and allows them to play how they want in the game.

"It is absolutely our intention, as it always has been, to keep doing this," he told the BBC in an interview at London's Olympia exhibition centre , where he was giving a keynote speech at the Brand Licensing Europe trade show.

Mr Bui acknowledged that the deal was "still in the process of being finalized" however, he said that Mojang's goal was to continue to work closely with its vast community of players.

Many block-building fans have expressed concerns about what could occur when Microsoft gets complete control.

Minecraft creator Markus Persson, aka Notch has written about his reasons for approaching Microsoft and stated that he was handing it over as it had become an unnecessary burden to manage.

He wrote, "I can't take responsibility for something like this," shortly after details of the deal were disclosed.

He said, "It's about my sanity. dj w360 It's not about money." "It's all about my sanity."

Mr. Bui said that there would definitely be some changes in the coming years, but these would still be done with the input, comments and feedback of fans.

The current system in which Minecraft developers share their work for a long time before they add it to the site would be maintained.

"We don't hide our features," he said.

This openness would also operate in the same way as Mojang started to show off the new titles that developers were working on, even when the studio was not yet ready to reveal the details, he said.

Mojang would allow players to try out the early versions of a game and assist in the development of it Bui said. Bui said.

Similar methods were used in Minecraft, and Mojang decided to replicate the procedure because it had been demonstrated to benefit developers while working on the development of a project.

It was not about replicating the success of Minecraft to create another title that was as well-liked. Bui stated that it was more about faith in the overall approach.

He said, "We believe that model." "Regardless of their chosen art form, people should be able to put their energies into whatever they believe in, regardless of how it turns out.

He said, "That's a noble endeavor."

The same way, he added, Mojang believed that it was a mistake for anyone trying to manage or influence the Minecraft community and dictate what can and cannot be done with the game.

He said that it was better to move out of the way.

Mr Bui said that sometimes people are the most creative when they are given the freedom to express themselves in the way they want. "You must give them guidelines, but for the most part if you let people be creative they will come up with cooler stuff than we ever could ourselves."

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