Moss Rugs are all the Rage

Moss Rugs are all the Rage
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Moss rugs are very interesting and give you a taste of nature and a feel of a lush interior. This piece of artwork is perfect for any room. You can purchase it in a variety of sizes, colours, and shapes. It features a sleek wood and metal frame. Moreover, you can also choose to order it with an overhead lamp to create an ambient light in your home. Whether you're looking for a gift for a friend or a way to spruce up your living room, moss wall art hanging garden can make a wonderful addition.

Unlike other rugs, a moss rug is made of a living organic substance. The moss in this rug is not actually dried and cured, but rather it is implanted into plastazote foam. This foam is then covered with a non-slip nitrile rubber underside that keeps the rug from slipping and sliding. Compared to standard bath mats, a moss rug is more durable, and it can absorb a reasonable amount of water. However, these mats are not as easy to clean as conventional bath mats. So you should vacuum the rug regularly to remove the loose fibers.

Moss rug is usually handmade, but you can also find moss bath mats in the market. They are similar to the ordinary bath mats in design, but they are more environmentally friendly. Most of these mats are custom-made, and they are often priced at around $150. Some moss bath mats even feature decorative wooden bases. Other designs may have soft rocks or other materials as part of the construction. These mats are also available in different sizes and colors, which is a good thing.

Usually, a moss rug comes in round or rectangular shapes. Normally, these mats are waterproof on their sides. There are some that have a solid wooden base, but it is best to look for those with a waterproof wooden base to keep the rug from deteriorating.

The moss rug is designed with the help of a traditional Portuguese technique called Beiriz, which is a form of manual looming. Combined with a few elements of folk music, the moss rug produces a unique sound that is both pleasing to the ears and intimate.

Although a moss carpet is a great addition to your home, it may not be a suitable option for all households. While it is a great piece of decor, it can also be a bit bulky and will be susceptible to shedding. That is why it's a good idea to have it professionally dry cleaned after a long period of use. If you want a more affordable option, you should look into other products that are designed to provide the same benefits. For instance, there is a moss shower mat that is created from imputrescible foam.

Another product you can consider is the Icelandic lava stone and moss candle. Made of moss, soy wax, and rowan berries, this candle can provide an 80-hour burn time. Alternatively, you can get a moss terrarium necklace, which features natural moss in a transparent glass dome.


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