MSI GE76 First Look - NVIDIA RTX 3000 Is Here!

MSI GE76 First Look - NVIDIA RTX 3000 Is Here!
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15 January 2021

The new MSI GE76 gaming laptop with Nvidia  RTX 3000 series graphics is here! Think of   it like a larger 17 inch version of the 15  inch GE66 that launched at CES last year,   but there are also some welcome  upgrades which I’ll cover in this article.

The most obvious change is of course the  use of new hardware. MSI GE76 First Look - NVIDIA RTX 3000 Is Here!The GE76 makes use   of Nvidia’s latest RTX 3000 series graphics  which should mean more performance in games.   My model has the RTX 3060 with 8 gig of VRAM,  but there are also 3070 and 3080 options too   depending on the size of your wallet.

In addition  to more GPU power with Ampere over Turing,   this brings more Nvidia features including  Reflex for reducing latency in games,   and should also offer improved  ray tracing performance.MSI GE76 First Look - NVIDIA RTX 3000 Is Here! This is an engineering sample, so the final GE76  may differ a bit from what I’m showing here,   and as a result I can’t do detailed  testing yet. I will be getting the final   model later this month for full review  though. 

I’ll definitely be comparing the new 3000   series graphics against 2000 series from last  generation to see what the differences are.

My GE76 otherwise has a 10th gen CPU, I  can only assume that will refresh once   11th gen is available, whenever  that is. MSI GE76 First Look - NVIDIA RTX 3000 Is Here!There’s also WiFi 6e,   another improvement over WiFi 6 which became  commonplace last year. Like the smaller GE66,   there’s also a 4-cell 99.9Wh battery here too,  two memory slots, and two M.2 storage slots.MSI GE76 First Look - NVIDIA RTX 3000 Is Here! The design aesthetic is very similar to the GE66  too, with a nice dark silver finish and of course   plenty of RGB lighting, including per key keyboard  and RGB bar along the front. MSI GE76 First Look - NVIDIA RTX 3000 Is Here!Unlike the 15 inch   GE66 though, the larger size of the GE76 allows it  to fit in front facing speakers on either side of   the keyboard, as well as a numpad, both of which  were absent on the GE66 due to space limitations.MSI GE76 First Look - NVIDIA RTX 3000 Is Here! I found the precision touchpad and  the keyboard keys to work fine,   but again engineering sample, so I won’t go too in depth.

The GE76 is available with up to a 300Hz screen,  but there’s also a 4K option which is what my   model has.  My unit does have a MUX switch, so  after a reboot it’s possible to disable Optimus   for improved gaming performance.

My engineering  sample doesn’t have G-Sync, but I’ve got the 4K   option, so I’m not sure if that may be possible  with the 1080p panels, we’ll have to wait and see.

There’s a 1080p camera above the screen,   so should hopefully offer better than most  other 720p alternatives in other laptops.MSI GE76 First Look - NVIDIA RTX 3000 Is Here! Ports on the left include USB 3.2 Gen2  by 2 Type-C port, so 20Gbps speed,   USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-A port, so  10gbps, and 3.5mm audio combo jack.MSI GE76 First Look - NVIDIA RTX 3000 Is Here! The right has two USB 3.2 Gen1 5gbps Type-A ports,   a full sized UHS-III SD card slot for creators,  and an air exhaust vent on this side too. MSI GE76 First Look - NVIDIA RTX 3000 Is Here!The rest of the I/O is on the back,  which has a mini DisplayPort 1.4 output,   another USB Type-C port, this one is USB  3.2 Gen2 with DisplayPort 1.4 output,   but no Thunderbolt with the GE76.  There’s also a HDMI 2 output,   2.5 gigabit ethernet, and the rectangle  on the far right is the power input.

MSI lists the weight as 2.9kg,  though mine was more than 3kg,   then of course more with the 230 watt power brick.MSI GE76 First Look - NVIDIA RTX 3000 Is Here! It’s not super thick for a 17 inch gaming   laptop either considering the  specs that it’s able to pack. I’m sure you all also want to know  pricing and availability defaults.   Unfortunately I don’t have  that information at this time,   but it shouldn’t be too long until I can make the  full review then I’ll have all that information.

So far MSI’s GE76 is basically shaping up how  I’d expect, that is basically a larger 17 inch   version of their GE66. I’m not sure why we  didn’t get the 17” version last year too,   but it’s here now with new hardware, and i’ll  be putting it to the test as soon as I can.

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