Old School RuneScape Gets Clan Support

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Official support for Clans is now available in Old School RuneScape. One of the most anticipated updates by the live game's player community, today's Clans update is packed with a myriad of new features and official support to the beloved community-based practice. To unveil the new Clans functionality, the Old School RuneScape development team will be hosting a player livestream tomorrow at 5pm BST at http://twitch.tv/oldschoolrs.

Clans lets players group up and enjoy Old School RuneScape together, whilst also competing with other clans to win exciting end-game content. Runescape Wiki Also coming within today's update is the Clan Hub. It is located in a corner of the Grand Exchange, the Clan hub is a dedicated location for all Clan-related activities including forming, finding and managing newly-formed clans of up to 500 members.

Clans that are new as well as existing clans can make use of the Clan menus with dedicated Clans, a recruitment Board, and other useful tools to organize their Clan. Once you've got an adventurer-focused clan, it's possible to assign them ranks to create an orderly hierarchy of players. Clans can choose to either employ military-style ranks or rename them with other RuneScape-related themes such as ore and gem levels. Once a clan is formed and has been established, they'll require a space to relax - go to the Clan Halls. Halls are private spaces for clans, and can also be open to guests.

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