Fishing in Old School RuneScape (OSRS): An Angler's Guide

Fishing in Old School RuneScape (OSRS): An Angler's Guide
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Fishing is one of the most popular and rewarding activities in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). Whether you're a seasoned angler or just starting out, this guide will provide you with the necessary information and tips to become a master fisherman in the game. From the equipment you need to the best fishing spots, let's dive into the world of fishing in OSRS. Click this link to learn more about osrs fishing.

Getting Started

To begin your fishing journey in OSRS, you'll need some basic equipment. Head to the Grand Exchange or local fishing shops to purchase a fishing rod, a small fishing net, and some bait. The fishing rod and bait are used for catching fish, while the small fishing net is handy for capturing shrimp and other small creatures.

Fishing Spots

  1. Free-to-Play Fishing Spots: In the free-to-play areas of OSRS, there are several fishing spots available. The most common ones include Draynor Village, Barbarian Village, and Lumbridge. These spots offer a variety of fish, such as shrimp, sardines, and trout. As you level up, you can also fish for salmon and lobsters.

  2. Members Fishing Spots: For members, there are numerous additional fishing spots across the game world. Locations like Catherby, Shilo Village, and the Fishing Guild offer access to a wide range of fish, including sharks, monkfish, and anglerfish. These spots often provide better experience rates and more valuable catches.

Fishing Methods

  1. Net Fishing: Net fishing is the simplest method, requiring only a small fishing net. It is used to catch small fish like shrimp, anchovies, and herring. Simply click on the fishing spot, select "net fishing," and your character will start catching fish automatically.

  2. Rod Fishing: Rod fishing is the most common method in OSRS. It involves using a fishing rod and bait to catch a variety of fish. To begin, equip your fishing rod and bait, click on a fishing spot, and choose the "bait fishing" option. Keep an eye on your fishing rod, as it may break if you catch a big fish.

  3. Cage/Harpoon Fishing: Cage and harpoon fishing methods are used for catching larger fish, such as lobsters, swordfish, and sharks. You'll need a lobster pot or a harpoon, depending on the fish you want to catch. Click on the fishing spot, select the appropriate option, and wait for a bite.

Levelling Up and Rewards

As you continue fishing in OSRS, you'll gain experience points (XP) that contribute to your Fishing skill level. Higher skill levels unlock access to new fish species, better fishing spots, and improved catch rates. Additionally, fishing can be a profitable skill, as you can sell your catches or use them for cooking.

Fishing Guild and Other Activities

Once you reach level 68 Fishing, you can gain entry to the Fishing Guild. This exclusive area provides excellent fishing spots and convenient bank access, making it a favorite among high-level fishermen. The guild also offers fishing-related activities, such as the Fish Flingers minigame, which rewards players with additional experience and unique fishing gear. There is also an OSRS Ariel Fishing guide you can check out.

Fishing Tools and Enhancements

To enhance your fishing experience, OSRS offers various tools and items. Some examples include:

  • Fishing Trawler outfit: This outfit, obtained by playing the Fishing Trawler minigame, provides a 2.5% XP boost.
  • Dragon Harpoon: A powerful harpoon that offers a higher catch rate and increased fishing speed.
  • Sacred eel fishing: In the Piscatoris Fishing Colony, players can catch sacred eels, which provide additional fishing XP and can be used to charge the Bracelet of Ether, an item that increases the effectiveness of the Trident of the Seas.


Fishing in OSRS is a relaxing and rewarding activity that offers a variety of fish to catch, numerous fishing spots, and opportunities for skill progression and profit. By following this guide and experimenting with different fishing methods, locations, and tools, you'll become an experienced angler in no time. So grab your fishing rod, cast your line, and enjoy the serene waters of Old School RuneScape.

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