PPC Strategies for Boosting Traffic and ROI for Saas Businesses

PPC Strategies for Boosting Traffic and ROI for Saas Businesses
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Software as a Service (SaaS) firms have consistently faced distinctive hurdles in their marketing endeavors. These obstacles encompass navigating protracted sales processes and prioritizing the delivery of compelling product demonstrations.

During Covid-19, numerous businesses were forced to completely transform their strategies, day-to-day operations, and their approaches to digital marketing.

As there was a notable increase in online searches, SaaS businesses have recognized the potential of PPC campaigns to bring traffic to their sites and improve conversions. And long story short, PPC is now recognized as one of the most efficient digital marketing methods in terms of return on investment.

If you are a business looking to integrate PPC into your SaaS business marketing strategy, here is how you can do it.

Advantages of PPC Campaigns for SaaS Businesses

The advantages of running PPC campaigns for businesses are numerous. It is regarded as the most effective paid advertisement in the market now.

The following are the major benefits of leveraging PPC for your SaaS business, no matter what your SaaS offering is.

They let you target well

PPC ads allow you to focus on individuals who have already demonstrated an interest in your product. They may have done so by actively searching for related terms online. And you can leverage this insight and present your product to them with higher chances of conversion.

They are more highly effective

When executed accurately, SaaS PPC campaigns can effectively generate leads and sales. You can also combine the same with SEO or content marketing tactics for greater marketing results and ROIs.

They deliver you faster results

PPC ads bring you faster results right from the moment you start running the ads. And given that you only incur costs when a user clicks on your ad, you don’t need to wait for outcomes. This allows you to learn which approach works and which doesn’t to finetune your ads further.

They are easy to measure

Unlike other leading generation means like SEO and social media, PPC is easy to measure by businesses. You can check the number of clicks on your page and the visitors coming to your site. This enables you to fine-tune your strategies accordingly.

Best PPC Strategies for SaaS Businesses

There are diverse PPC strategies that you can use to bring results. However, some strategies are better than others. Here, we discuss a few of the top PPC strategies we use for our clients as part of our PPC services.

Always develop a custom landing page

When investing in PPC, presenting users with a landing page that aligns with their intent is vital.

One of the worst scenarios in SaaS PPC is potential leads swiftly exit your landing page because it doesn’t meet their expectations. Therefore, always devote a thorough effort to crafting landing pages for your PPC ads.

Every element on the landing page must guide users toward your call to action, no matter what it is.

Improve the element of trust

Even if you target your ads efficiently, it can happen that your visitors may not know your brand at all. So, it is natural for the users to not trust you. This is a challenge you need to overcome.

Therefore, you must begin building credibility and trust from the moment users arrive on your landing page.

Employ case studies to foster trust while demonstrating concrete success stories. Use user-generated content and social proof to communicate to the visitors that you are an established brand.

Release your content

Traditionally, it was recommended to gate premium content. However, this practice introduces friction between you and your leads, which results in a surge of bounces.

While dealing with organic traffic bounces comes at no cost, PPC ad bounces entail financial implications. In particularly competitive domains, these costs can swiftly accumulate, depleting your ad budget.

Therefore, provide all the information you can to the visitor, even if it is premium. This will considerably improve your conversion rates.

Leverage leads to writing your ad copy

When demonstrating your product to prospective clients, it is essential to understand their operations and the essence of their business. Pay close attention to their pain points and aspirations to craft ad copies around these elements.

These insights not only enhance your selling approach and address their requirements better, but they provide valuable material for your future ad copy.

When you craft copies that capture the situation of your visitors effectively, the chances of converting them are higher as they will resonate well with your ad copy.

Prioritize long-tail keywords.

Concentrating your bidding strategy on long-tail keywords offers a twofold advantage.

  • It leads you to higher quality leads.
  • It grants you cost-effective clicks that remain well-qualified.
  • This is crucial for a successful PPC campaign in the realm of SaaS, given the relatively high costs associated with SaaS PPC.
  • Long-tail keywords often reflect buyer intent and open opportunities to uncover hidden gems with remarkably low CPCs.
  • These keywords provide a chance to acquire qualified leads at a reasonable cost. And this is a go-to approach our pay-per-click experts rely on.

Rotate ads monthly

The prolonged sales cycle in SaaS requires multiple similar searches by leads before settling on a particular software. As these leads encounter the same ads repeatedly, they begin to ignore them.

This leads to diminished click-through rates, a lower quality score, and elevated AdWords PPC expenses when your ads do receive clicks.

Regularly rotating ads, either monthly or biweekly, is the optimal way to ensure your leads stay warm and avoid ad fatigue.

Diversify beyond Google

While Google reigns supreme in the search arena, viable opportunities for SaaS PPC advertising can be found beyond its dominion. Bing, for instance, presents an alternative platform where you can discover potential success.

Another option to try is a LinkedIn advertisement. This is even more effective as it is a platform for professionals who may be in decision-making roles.

While venturing into Bing and LinkedIn advertising extends your ad budget, there are many ways to leverage the same for better overall ROIs.

Boost conversions with ad retargeting.

Ad retargeting can be a substantial investment. However, it is a potent method for elevating the conversion rate of SaaS companies. Using this technique, you can display ads to users who have already engaged with your ad.

Such users are already acquainted with your offering. They could also be further along in their buyer journey compared to their earlier interaction with your brand.

With an effective retargeting strategy, you can bring in results much easier than with PPC ads alone.

Precise targeting to minimize ad spend waste.

In the world of PPC ads, a portion of clicks won’t materialize into the high-quality leads you seek. However, the cost per click remains the same. Therefore, you must target your ads strategically.

Negative keywords and audience exclusion can significantly decrease the number of ads presented to unsuitable users. These strategies prevent your ads from appearing to individuals who don’t fit your ideal customer persona.

Once you have gathered enough data after running your ads, assess the type of users who bounce and exclude them strategically.

How Eco York Can Help You with Our PPC Services

At Eco York, we have a lot of SaaS product experts looking to leverage PPC for their businesses. And this is a common sight. If you are a business that wants to grow with the help of PPC, we can assist you.

Having worked with a plethora of clients over the years, we have perfected our craft with the following service traits you will love.

Check them out here.

Custom PPC services for all our clients

We are a huge fan of customized service offerings. Every business is unique, has different goals, and serves different people. Hence, they need custom PPC services and plans, and that’s what we offer.

Affordable PPC campaigns as you need

Not all businesses want to spend millions of dollars on PPC to sell their products. We have learned this from our experience in the past. Therefore, no matter how small your business is, we have an affordable offer for you.

PPC experts oversee all your ads

At Eco York, we have SaaS product experts with Google certifications to manage your PPC accounts and ads. These experts know all there is to know about running high-quality and efficient PPC ads.

Years of experience in the PPC industry.

Eco York has been offering PPC and digital marketing services to our clients for a long time now. Hence, we know how PPC has evolved over the years. This profound knowledge and insights help us improve the ROI for each ad.

Trained customer service team to help

At Eco York, we believe in delivering the best experience to all our customers. Hence, we have a customer service team that you can contact to solve any of your concerns. They will provide you with the right solution to address your issues.


As one of the most reliable PPC agencies in the York, PA, area, we have worked with a plethora of SaaS businesses in the last few years. Thanks to our client-centric and targeted approach, the clients have been able to experience tremendous growth in their business and revenue. And we can help you grow your SaaS business through our SaaS PPC services as well.

Our Eco York team knows what you require when it comes to SaaS PPC, and we will strategize the entire campaign based on extensive research. We go full-fledged only when we have enough data and a top ad copy that reflects your audience’s needs. If that’s something you need from your PPC expert, contact us and speak to our client service team.


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