Sailor Moon Cosmos: The Last Chapter of Sailor Moon Crystal

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The Sailor’s Moon Universe will end the three Sailor’s Moon crystals. Sailor Moon Crystal was a faithful adaptation of the manga by Naoko Takeuchi. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon anime is nothing like most manga planted in the 90s and there had been a lot of changes from the source material. So seeing it because of the change gives you a different experience. In the 90s version, Saloon gets some villains to rescue him, but kills them mercilessly. The Sailor Moon Crystal anime series continued for Season Three, but the rest of the story was turned into a movie instead. Season four of the show has turned into Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal the Movie.

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Sailor Moon Universe Stars is a movie adaptation of the manga of the Stars arc. It was in the 90s that the arc evolved into the Sailor Moon Sailor Stars series, which led to Sailor Stars being banned in the US due to the gender bending Sailor Soldiers consisting of three men in leather masquerading as men so they could see their queen. The story of Sailor’s Moon and Sailor’s Stars strayed too far from the source material. So Sailor Cosmos becomes the most accurate version of the original Stars Arc Saga. Sailor Moon faces her strongest foe yet. Sailor Galaxy is also a Sailor Army, but she destroys galaxies instead of protecting them. He can just point his finger and wipe planets. Most anime fans compare Galaxia to Beerus from Dragon Ball Z , leading to an episode of the Death War.


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