Steam Guides are a Nebulous Collection of Jokes, Say PC Gaming Fans

Steam guides are an excellent way to solve issues and finding collectibles in games. We'd definitely encourage you to come to PCGamesN for everything from Fortnite Kamehameha locations to Minecraft Enchantments, the user-created guides integrated into the Steam Community page are a easily accessible tool that can be very helpful in a pinch. However, many users claim that the feature has become plagued with joke entries and people trying to earn awards in exchange for Steam Points.

Steam Points are earned by purchasing games and add-ons from the Steam store. You can purchase various items in the Steam Points shop. These are mostly cosmetics that can be used to personalize your Steam profile page and avatar, as well as emoticons and chat effects that you can use to talk to other users on Steam. Steam Points are also available to other players as prizes'. This is usually given as a token of appreciation for the help of a guide, review, or other assistance.

Steam Points can also be used to purchase humorous content. Users have reported that the Steam guides section is now full to bursting with a myriad of humorous guides hoping to win Steam Points from other players. From Counter-Strike: Go guides mocking Valve's anti-cheat service that asks "How do I make VAC work' (the body text reading 'it doesn't') to a multitude of 'How-to jump/walk/shoot' entries that simply provide the correct button to press, usually in a way that is a bit over-exaggerated The Steam guides section has become an overflow of guides that aren't really useful, even when they're funny.

A thread on the Steam subreddit called 'Steam guides before vs. now I'd like to go back' highlighted this issue and quickly gained popularity among the Steam community. Many users complain about the flood of spam submissions and complain that they have missed the days when guide content was simple to find. The most effective guides for a game should still be voted on. However there are some users who have claimed they are unable to post or browse guides on Steam because of the poor user experience.

Some users also mention the same issue that is faced by Steam reviews. Minecraft Java One user states that "Valve encouraged too much starting with the 'Funny' option on Steam reviews," suggesting that the option to reward users for humorous 'reviews' has also led to a level of tomfoolery which affects PC gamers who are unable to find reliable reviews of certain products.


Hopefully Valve will take steps to tidy up the section. In the meantime, if need more helpful PC game guides, we've got plenty to offer you - whether searching for console commands for CS:GO and guides to the best GTA servers for RP and how to join them, everything you must know about the Tower of Fantasy 1.5 update, or even the top Sims 4 mods to install in 2022.

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