The 13 Phases of The Minecraft Infection

Moser Vance Moser Vance 22 September 2022 Follow

Through my time as a Minecraft player I have recognized several basic stages an average player goes through when "infected". I'm sure you will be able to recognize these stages.

1. The Infection: Very little one discovers Minecraft on their own. Most Minecraft players were introduced to the game through acquaintances or through the internet. It was something I discovered after playing with my friend for hours. Many people have also been "infected" by means of YouTube. 2. The Arrival: Now that the player has had a look at Minecraft, he will want it. Badly. The player has the option of pirate (shun them) or purchase the game to acquire it. 3. The Begining: The player will play Minecraft for the first time. The game will be difficult. The player won't know how to get anything done! I myself had to go through six YouTube videos to figure out how to open Minecraft and create a brand new world. 4. Who enjoys survival mode? When a Minecraft player begins with the game, they almost never go into survival mode. He views survival as boring and hard, however the creative process is exciting and enjoyable. You can achieve anything! You can fly! You can kill creepy crawlers! You can make full diamond armor! 5. Creative becomes boring: The player has been playing Minecraft for about a week. He only does one thing: Build dirt houses and kill creepers using full armor and enchanted weapons. It's enjoyable but it's getting boring. The player isn't very skilled and there is no challenge. It's time to play survival mode, isn't it? 6. The Start of Survival: Many players will become bored of their games and turn to survival. The player connects to the internet and finds out how to play.The survival phase lasts for about a year. 7. The MADNESS The MADNESS the most dangerous stages of the Minecraft infection. A stage in which the player is placed in a good spot on a survival map but is killed in chaos. The "engragedmaniac howl" is one of the characteristics that will help you identify this stage. 8. First Break: A player can typically take up to one month off from playing after dying or losing diamonds. 9. Cheating: After an absence from the game, the player choses to play it again. He will pretend that he never died and then hack his items back. 10. The End: If the player is competent enough, he will eventually end the enderdragon's life. He will then brag about it to his friends. 11. Second Break: Survival is over, and creativity is boring. What's left for the infected to obsess over? 12. Creative In the month or so after beating survival, most players will switch to being creative. tiara's thoughts They will build houses, make mob arenas, and find hight limit. 13. The Divergence after trying something creative, infected players may take a different path. Infected people may show signs of multiple routes.

Route A: The player will begin to play on servers

Route B: The player will be able download maps for play

Route C: The player will try his hand with redstone and eventually become a professional

Route D: The player will download and make mods.

Route E: The player hosts servers.

Route F: The player will exit Minecraft.

Route G: The player (much like me), will create Minecraft custom maps.

Route H: The player will be entangled into a vicious and dangerous cycle of greed, and become obsessed with Minecraft. The player will lose all of his family members and friends.

Once you have a better understanding of the common phases of the Minecraft infection, try to identify them in yourself. Denial is not the answer.

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