The difference between WooCommerce and Shopify for eCommerce

The difference between WooCommerce and Shopify for eCommerce

Are you want to start your new online business? Alternatively, you wanted to embark on the e-commerce bandwagon of your existing online business. You must do research and browse to find the best e-commerce platform. When we talk about the best e-commerce platform, undoubtedly, Shopify and Woo-commerce are the two most popular and best options. Both are highly advanced, with unique sets of features and substantial markets.

It is observed, most users prefer an e-commerce platform which has rich features, straightforward pricing, and more flexibility. You can choose which is best for your e-commerce business based on the difference between e-commerce platforms. Once you have decided about your idea and the best model for your business, it will be easy to choose the right platform.

In this article, I will not support this platform or that platform. I aim to provide you with an overview of Shopify and woo commerce so you will get the answer you are looking for.

Note: We've also tested each hosting plan with region-wise searches, for example, Australia cloud hosting, in case you want to run your services in Australia.

What is Woo Commerce?


Woo commerce is not an e-commerce platform. An open-source plugin quickly turns user WordPress applications into an e-commerce store. This e-commerce store is fully functional, like a physical store. To cover your WordPress application in the e-commerce store, you need to install the woocommerce plugin, and your store will be ready to run.

It was launched in 2011. Due to its best feature, it quickly gained popularity in E-commerce. According to new statistics, almost 3.8 million users of woo commerce. It is the best solution for all your e-commerce needs. The increasing popularity of woo-commerce is due to its unlimited customization options, friendliness, and powerful features.


  • It provides an unlimited number of themes for the user
  • It is easy to install.
  • It offers a mobile version of themes
  • It includes email newsletters with a plugin
  • It provides HTML compatibility
  • It gives very active help and support.
  • It is SEO friendly
  • It has storage space depending on server size.
  • It offers offline payment tracking
  • It provides payment gateways
  • It provides CSV catalog import.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is not an open-source platform, but it still offers a wide range of powerful features that is helpful to cater to several needs of the user.

Shopify was launched in 2004. It is older than woo commerce. This incredible e-commerce platform offers an up-to-date host. I want to say thanks for the regular update. According to statistics, more than 1 million merchants are using Shopify.

It is effortless to build an e-commerce store on Shopify from very starch. It is the best option for beginners because they can operate it with fundamental knowledge and no need for coding skills. However, for professional customization, you need some professional assistance. Shopify is considered the benchmark for all e-commerce industries and is a highly intuitive platform.


  • It provides 60+ free themes, and the rest of them are paid.
  • It is effortless to install.
  • It provides blog features but limited
  • It provides a mobile version theme.
  • It provides email newsletters.
  • It provides HTML Compatibility.
  • It provides help and support via phone, forum, documentation, and chat.
  • It provides e-commerce CSV catalog import.
  • It provides e-commerce inventory management
  • It provides E-commerce market places connections.
  • It provides an E-commerce catalog size
  • It offers offline payment tracking
  • It gives options for payment gateways
  • It provides a 14-day trial for a user without any credit card.
  • It provides paid offers like advanced Shopify lite $299/Mo, Basic Shopify $29/Mo, and Shopify lite $9/mo. In addition, Shopify $79/mo.

Who are at the top?

According to the statistics or google tend, we can see that from the past few years, Woo-commerce and Shopify both have attractive steady growth. However, Shopify is slightly more popular than woo-commerce.

Wrapping Up:

In this article, I have provided a complete overview of woo commerce and Shopify, both top e-commerce platforms. You can take time for market research and test both venues to choose the right one for your business. You can check cloudways to get the best woo-commerce services.

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