The Role of Corona-Treated PET Film in Improving Adhesion on Metalized Polyester Films

The Role of Corona-Treated PET Film in Improving Adhesion on Metalized Polyester Films
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In the dynamic landscape of packaging films, corona-treated PET films always stand out. Metalized polyester films not only look sleek and stylish, but they provide remarkable attributes when it comes to sticking to other materials. That's where Corona's discharge swoops in to save the day. Corona discharge plays a significant role in adhering to the film's surface, offering a transformation. 

When manufacturers apply high voltage to the conductor, it sparks a burst of activity, generating a whirlwind of reactive species like ozone and oxygen radicals. Labels adorned with a corona treated PET film become ideal for various applications, captivating consumers with their versatility and unwavering performance. In industrial tapes, corona-treated PET films form the backbone of reliability, ensuring that every bond holds strong, no matter the challenge. However, this article provides a quick insight into the role of corona-treated PET film in improving the adhesion of metalized polyester. 

The Enchantment of Corona Treatment Techniques 

Corona-treated PET films offer superior bond strength, improving the reliability and performance of packaging materials. Whether in flexible packaging, labels, or industrial tapes, these films provide a strong foundation for secure seals and durable constructions. 

It also allows robust moisture resistance, a shield against the elements that ensure packaging integrity remains unyielding, come rain or shine. PET film surfaces undergo a remarkable transformation, becoming more receptive to the whispers of inks, adhesives, and coatings. 

Corona treatment techniques offer versatility and reliability on PET film surfaces. From atmospheric sparks to underwater, corona discharge treatment provides a variety of methods to suit every packaging need. 

Atmospheric Corona discharges crackles with energy as it passes through PET film, enhancing its surface properties and paving the way for captivating graphics and secure seals. Meanwhile, underwater corona discharge adds a splash of intrigue, offering moisture-sensitive applications a solution as refreshing as a deep-sea dive.

Role of Corona Discharge Treatment 

Corona discharge treatment helps overcome the various challenges by altering the surface chemistry and topography of the metalized polyester film in several ways:

Surface Activation: 

Corona discharge activates the film's surface with a touch of chemistry, offering polar functional groups like hydroxyl and carbonyl. These newfound groups turn the surface into a welcoming playground by increasing the surface energy for adhesives and inks. 

Roughening and Mechanical Interlocking:

Corona discharge is also a master of surface roughening. Creating micro-roughness on the film's surface adds texture and grip that enhance mechanical interlocking with adhesives and coatings—making it irresistible to bonding agents and allowing better spreading and wetting of adhesives.

Contaminant Removal

In addition to its surface-enhancing powers, corona discharge is a skilled cleaner. It banishes surface contaminants like dust and oils, ensuring a pristine surface for bonding. The ability of corona treated PET film provides a strong, reliable bond that can withstand the rigors of packaging and handling.

Uniformity and Precision:

Corona discharge delivers a uniform treatment across the entire film. With precision and flair, it ensures that every inch of the film receives the optimum treatment, leaving no spot untouched. This uniform enhancement ensures consistent adhesion performance and printability in large-scale manufacturing processes.

In Conclusion

With its ability to transform a metalized polyester film into adhesive-friendly champions, it plays a vital role in improving adhesion on metalized polyester films by enhancing surface energy, promoting mechanical interlocking, removing contaminants, and ensuring uniform treatment. 

These benefits make corona treatment a widely adopted technique in industries where reliable adhesion is essential for product performance and quality. So, the next time you need a label that sticks like glue or a package that holds together with robust strength, always consider corona discharge metalized polyester films from the best suppliers like JPFL Films.

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