The Similarities, Differences, Benefits, and Drawbacks of Mobile Casinos Versus Online Casinos

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Have you ever played a casino game before? If so, maybe you prefer a specific device to customize your gameplay experience to your lifestyle.

There are two types of casinos you can access via the Internet: mobile casinos and online casinos. Both have their similarities, differences, benefits, and drawbacks to using one platform over the other.

Similarities Between Mobile Casinos Versus Online Casinos

The similarities between mobile and online casinos are you can:

  • Access the same games.

  • Enjoy remote gameplay.

Access to the Same Games

Both entities allow you to access the same games no matter what platform you are using. You remain connected to your same casino account no matter if you are a desktop or mobile device.

Enjoy Remote Gameplay

Rather than visiting a casino location in person, mobile and online casinos allow a remote gameplay experience with the opportunity to win if the bets fall in your favor. Remember that not every bet is a guaranteed win.

Differences Between Mobile Casinos Versus Online Casinos

The differences between mobile and online casinos are the:

  • Types of devices in which to access the games.

  • Platform-related deposit bonuses.

  • Gameplay interface experience.

Types of Devices

Whether you log on to a mobile or online casino, as long as you are using the same casino name, you can still access the same games. Mobile casinos are accessible via handheld devices that you can take with you wherever you are going away from home. Think smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Online casino games are playable on desktop computers. Batteries do not power desktop computers as they do for mobile devices whereas mobile casinos are accessible. They must be plugged into an electrical outlet.

Gameplay Interface Experience

Your gameplay experience may be different on the mobile device versus the desktop. Of course, you will have a larger screen with possibly better graphics when playing a mobile casino versus a mobile casino with a smaller screen and maybe comparative graphics. This would depend on your device’s capabilities.

Platform-Related Deposit Bonuses

Especially if an online casino just recently launched a mobile casino app, the platform-related deposit bonuses may be different.

For example, new players who play an online casino may receive a 100% match to their original deposit amount of $100 to $1,000. Alternatively, the bonus for new players that create an account on the mobile casino app could be a 200% match to an initial deposit amount of $100 to $1,000. Remember that these are only examples to illustrate a possible scenario.

Hence, sometimes mobile casinos could have better access to deposit and gameplay bonuses versus their online casino cousin. Depending on the casino itself, sometimes bonuses are better for online casinos rather than mobile casinos.

The Main Benefit of Mobile and Online Casinos

The main benefit of playing on a mobile or online casino is enjoying remote gameplay. Play anywhere you would like if you are using a mobile device. Download the app, log in to your account, wager your bets wisely, and enjoy gameplay no matter where you are. Alternatively, you can enjoy casino games in the comfort of your home on your desktop computer.

Drawbacks of Mobile and Online Casinos

There are a couple of collective drawbacks to using mobile and online casinos versus visiting a physical location.

Not the Same As the In-Person Experience

While it’s great you can play in the comfort of where you are with a mobile or online casino, it is not the same as the in-person casino experience. You share your celebrations of wins with others over chat online, but it does not compare to other players celebrating your jackpot with you while hitting it at a physical location.

Limited To Where Desktop Hooked Up

If you play an online casino on a desktop, you are limited to gameplay only if you have access to electricity and an Internet connection at home or a location where you can use a public computer. Hence, if the electricity goes out where your desktop is hooked up, you will lose your gaming progress.


Mobile casinos allow for an on-the-go gaming experience while online casinos are best played in the comfort of home. What is your favorite way to play?

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