Tips on proper care of your Ink Cartridge

Tips on proper care of your Ink Cartridge
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23 September 2022

Printers are commonly used in every specific industry today. Most of the offices have printers in their office to print important documents and continue the procedures. With such excessive usage of printers, taking care of ink cartridges becomes crucial.

Taking proper care of ink cartridges can help you save your money in the long run. You can get better and improved quality prints. It also prevents your ink cartridges from head clogs, which is the most common problem with printers kept aside for a long time. You can hire printer experts as they are well versed with printer functionalities and know how to install printer cartridges. However, if you find it challenging to take care of your printer ink cartridge, you can refer to these helpful tips.

1. Start with better handling of your cartridge

Ink cartridges need to be inserted in the particular allotted slot. It requires a perfect inspection and is shaken well before placing it in the printer. You should check the cartridge to notice any potential damage. The ink cartridge and the plastic cover vent should be properly placed and cover the ink. You can remove the plastic tape and clip it over the hole to open it. 

You should shake it to prime and mix the ink solution for proper ink supply. It is best to ensure the placement of a gold contact chip on either side of the cartridge. The chip is the electrical medium to gather data about the presence of ink and ink levels. You can clean the gold chip with a cloth on noticing any dust or scratches over it.

2. How to install ink cartridges?

Before you decide to install an ink cartridge, it is essential to refer to the instruction manual that comes with the printer. There are various types of printers and each printer has different functions. If you don’t install the ink cartridge according to the instructions, it may result in severe printer and cartridge damage. 

Manuals are made available in hard copy and soft copy as well in a PDF version to the customer. You can easily download it from the website and get proper guidelines. Most reputed brands upload video tutorials on their website and YoutTube channel. 

You should be careful while installing the ink cartridge in your printer. Use the power button to turn off the printer after work. It can prevent the cartridges from drying out. Ensure that you have turned off the functioning of the printer completely before winding up the work for a day. Proper installation can increase the longevity of the printer, allowing it to function better.  

3. Proper storage and protection of cartridges 

If you are into the printing business or graphic advertisement company, it requires extra ink cartridges in your stock. The basic rule of business is to reduce expenses and increase revenue or sales. Search for the cheapest ink cartridges in Australia for perfect business operations and hard copy record keeping. 

You can store and preserve cartridges for a long duration by following the perfect tips to store them. Cartridges should have proper airtight seal packaging. Once you remove the packaging, ink cartridges dry out easily. You can store the cartridges in a dark and cool place in the cabinet till you desire to install them in your printer. 

If you have opened a cartridge seal by mistake, try to reseal it and pack it airtight to assure it remains in the best condition at the time of its usage. Put the plastic nozzle back in place and place the cartridge in an airtight container. It is best to apply protective tape to the cartridge before storing it. For more protective measures, you can keep a damp towel beside the cartridge. Check continuously to prevent the cartridge from drying. 

  • Guidance tips for the long life of ink cartridges

The ink cartridges are an important component of the printer and get damaged, clogged, or dry out easily. You can follow the simple steps to increase the lifespan of your cartridge to prevent extra office expenses. 

  • Regular and often more printing leads to saving more ink. 
  • Printing businesses can utilise ink cartridges to the fullest. Regular prints keep the cartridge ink prime and ready to use. 
  • The likelihood of occasional prints may result in clogs and nozzle ink drying out. 
  • You can use draft mode to print articles and emails for official use. It uses less ink than usual and allows you to get fast prints. 
  • A high-quality mode can be used for presentations and client meetings that require high-resolution clear images. 

Try to avoid running cleaning mode without any major issues. It is a simple maintenance tip as test pages and heads flush out to require more ink. Keep the cartridges loaded even when not in use. It is best to buy ink cartridges from ink wholesalers online. They can provide the cartridges at a wholesale price that is comparatively low and advantageous for business.

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