Solving Your Printers Error Code When Using Compatible Ink

Solving Your Printers Error Code When Using Compatible Ink
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Ink and toner cartridges are the key elements of a printer. Most of the time, a printer’s output has been relying on the type of printer ink you are using. Especially, when you refill your ink cartridge with compatible or remanufactured ink, sometimes your printer is unable to recognise the new ink and shows an error code. These compatible inks are not made by the same printer manufacturers.

Why does your printer cause errors? There could be a number of reasons. You might need to replace your old ink cartridge due to its extensive use. Or using compatible inks for the very first time could also be a reason. It's not only the ink, paper used for printing can also cause problems if it is stuck somewhere in the printer.

Anyone who owns a printer may face these kinds of error codes. Besides replacing an ink cartridge, there are also other ways to fix the printer's error code. First of all, you need to get the factors which can harm your print quality and create errors when using compatible ink. As a result, you can fix the errors technically.

Why Does A Printer Produce Errors?

There could be multiple reasons if your printer does not stop creating error code.

  • First check your printer’s ink cartridge because it might run out of ink.

  • It might be needed to reset your printer’s internal memory.

  • Sometimes, you forget to remove protective strips on your new ink cartridge which can cause your printer not recognizing the ink cartridge.

  • Damaged or dirty chips could also be a reason for not reading the data on the chips.

  • Wrong insertion of ink cartridge in its slot.

  • Maybe you need to update your software.

  • Or it is time to replace your ink cartridge.

How To Solve Your Printer's Error Code?

For better print management, the instructions given below will definitely be helpful to resolve your printer error code issues when using compatible ink.

Cold Start Your Printer

If your printer is used to read the chips on an OEM cartridge, it may show error code on your printer screen when you replace it with a compatible ink cartridge. Possibly, your printer does not read data on the chip of your new cartridge. In this situation, all you need to do is cold start your printer in order to reset your printer’s internal memory. You can cold start your printer by following simple steps:

  • Remove your ink cartridge from your printer and connect it again with your printer.

  • If it is still producing error code, detach it again.

  • Press your printer’s Power Off mode.

  • Now unplug the whole power supply for a couple of minutes.

  • Lastly, connect the power supply to the printer and turn it on again.

Use The Old Cartridge

If your compatible ink cartridge is continuously showing an error even after cold starting your printer, place your old ink cartridge. In this way you can check whether the compatible ink cartridge is causing a problem or your printer is showing the same problem with other cartridges. Once you have found the exact problem, it will lead you to find a solution.

Remove Stickers/Strips From Your Cartridge

Usually, when you purchase a new cartridge, some stickers and tapes are attached to it. So you also need to check it because these stickers can make your printer not read the data on its chip. Remove the stickers, strips or tape from your ink cartridge. This simple step can resolve your problem.

Control Over Leakage

If your printer is still showing error after removing the stickers, make sure that the ink is not leaking anywhere from your ink cartridge. But if it is so, place some gum on that part to stop leakage.

Check The Chip Carefully

Dirty or damaged chips could also be a reason for producing error code by your printer. You need to check the chip if it is dirty or damaged. In case of finding this problem, clean or replace it with a new chip to solve the printer’s error code.

Insert Ink Cartridge Accurately

Sometimes the ink cartridge is not inserted in its slot accurately which causes the code error on your display. Check it by detaching your cartridge from your printer and insert it again properly.

Update Your Printer Software

Some printers manufacturing companies produce printers that are needed to update their software when connecting to the internet. So your printer software may not be compatible with your remanufactured ink cartridge and it needs to be updated for resolving the problem.

Buy A New Ink Cartridge

If all the solutions mentioned above fail to work, the need of the hour is that you must purchase a new ink cartridge for your printer.


Solving your printer’s error code when using compatible ink is not difficult. All you need is a few technical tips. Clean the dust from your printer regularly to avoid getting problems. The cold start method is the best way to resolve issues like code error. Moreover, make sure that what is the right time to refill the ink cartridge with printer ink.

In this article, we outline methods that can solve problems associated with compatible inks and printers.

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