Top Innovations in Software Development: AI, Low Code, and Super Apps

Top Innovations in Software Development: AI, Low Code, and Super Apps

IntelligentX is a liquor company that has a notable achievement of making the world's first beer using Artificial Intelligence technology. It produces a range of beers that improve themselves from customer feedback. The software product engineering solutions utilized by the company is a Machine Learning based algorithm to determine what consumers like about our beers.

IntelligentX has developed an innovative AI/ML technology-based software application for customer feedback. The company uses machine learning algorithms to determine what consumers like about our beers. Then, based on the information, They brew new versions of beer that are more tuned to people's tastes.

The company uses Machine Learning techniques based on Bayesian decision-making and reinforcement learning. The company utilized Bayesian to create beer recipes, collect customer feedback and general market data, and use that data to self-evolve.

The experts at IntelligentX said using AI would help brewers receive and test customer feedback "more quickly than ever before".

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Rise of Innovation in Software Technology

Top product engineering services companies are witnessing a surge of innovation in software development services. Many services, such as AI, ML, IoT, etc., are revolutionizing the software industry. 

In the case of Artificial Intelligence, reports suggest that AI-enhanced software development increases a developer's productivity by 10 times. This is because AI helps in automated coding, automated UI design, etc. It is believed that 80% of businesses are investing in AI, and around 50% of these businesses have already started defining their AI strategies.

On the other hand, another leading software development technology is Low-code & No-code software development. Gartner estimates that by 2025, approximately 70% of new applications developed by enterprises will use this technology. Already 41% of developers want more than half of their software product engineering services to be no-code low-code.   

Similarly, SuperApps, made of lightweight applets, are being used by every one in three individuals. In the U.S., millennials are predicted to be most likely interested in super apps. 

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Innovation in Software Product Engineering Solutions

  • Artificial Intelligence in Software Product Engineering

One of the significant software trends is using Artificial Intelligence for software development. AI is used for performing tasks that require human intelligence and judgment, the ability to reason, perceive, and more.   

AI algorithms help the developers to improve project planning, aid with automation QA and improve end-user experience. It enhances the development speed as well. AI impacts software development in the following areas - 

  • Requirement gathering
  • Software design
  • Automatic code generation
  • Testing of software product
  • Ensuring data security
  1. Low-code & No-code Software Development

Low code is a technique used by a software product engineering company as a rapid application development (RAD) approach. It enables automated code generation via visual building blocks like drag-and-drop and pull-down menu interfaces. 

The automation allows the developers to focus on the differentiator instead of the common denominator of programming. The primary benefits of the technique are the following - 

  • Save time
  • Higher productivity
  • Reduced cost
  • Accelerate the digital transformation
  1. Super-App

A super-app refers to a web application that can provide multiple services, including payment and financial transaction processing, communication, and more. Such applications are self-contained commerce and online communication platforms extending many aspects of personal and commercial life.

The super apps are made of mini-programs or applets which operate inside the main application. The mini apps do not need to be downloaded; therefore, a single super app can perform multiple services. This helps the users to save storage space and bandwidth. 

The advantages of a super-app are as follows - 

  • Improves customer loyalty 
  • Collects more integrated user data
  • Captures larger target market
  • Helps to scale revenus


This is the century of automation, and data and machine learning are the force behind the pursuit of automation and digitalization. At this time, the emerging trends in software engineering are surrounded by modern techniques such as AI, ML, IoT, and more. 

Innovation in software development has made the process faster, reliable, improved the design, and enhanced businesses' cyber security and revenue. Tntra has a team of expert IT developers who are adept with all the latest technologies necessary for providing the best product engineering solutions and services. 

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