Ways To Keep Your Anonymous VPS Secure

Ways To Keep Your Anonymous VPS Secure
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23 November 2021

Online security and reliable hosting service continue to be one of the most discussed topics nowadays. Gone are the days when hackers dwelled in business owners' mistakes and stole vital information. Everyone is now security conscious and continues to improve data security by various measures. This topic is not only discussed by big companies but by any individual with an online presence and app or website ownership.

Insecurity has caused various data leaks, which have affected many businesses. The lack of security also led to different forms of ransomware, personal and financial info thefts, cyber threats, loss of content, and many others.

But how can you secure your online presence as a regular internet user or online business owner? Let's start from the base, meaning where and how your data are hosted.

Choose an anonymous VPS hosting provider that prioritizes privacy and security.

The fact is, your data security begins by choosing a highly competent hosting provider. Nowadays, there are various hosting options, primarily focusing on privacy and security. In this article, we want to take a closer look at anonymous VPS providers.

Anonymous VPS

Anonymous VPS provider offers many ways to ensure that your data and privacy will stay intact. VPS providers like PRV.to have made anonymity and security their top priority. PRV.to offers a top-notch hosting service run on DigitalOcean servers payable by Bitcoin. Thanks to Bitcoin, payment is completely anonymous and highly encrypted via blockchain technology. Bitcoin hosting guarantees that none of your personal details will get exposed.

When signing up for anonymous VPS provided by PRV.to, you have to provide only an email address. You don't need to upload any ID copy or verify your identity by activation code.

On top of this, you can access your VPS Dashboard via an anonymous Tor Browser. Anonymous VPS by PRV.to offers an onion version, and thanks to the Tor network, your online activity will become untraceable.

Anonymous VPS is becoming one of the safest and most private options how to host your online data. And what should be your next move? Let's have a closer look at how to harden your anonymous VPS security and boost its performance.

How to improve your Anonymous VPS security and performance

Set your SSH Login

Haven't you set your SSH key yet? Don't wait any longer.

SSH function guarantees a secure connection between the computer and the remote server. SSH encryption ensures safe data transfer without any loss of information. Secure Shell, known as SSH is a cryptographic network protocol that provides a safe log-in without a password. Two SSH Keys offer a secure form of authentication that is nearly impossible to break with brute force. Anonymous hosting by PRV.to will let you set up your SSH key with just by few clicks.

Update and Use Latest Software Versions

Outdated software versions can harbor vulnerabilities that can affect your anonymous VPS server. That's why software updating is essential. An updated version gives you access to more secure software versions. Fortunately, updating your software version requires zero technical know-how. Check all software run on your anonymous VPS for updates.

Monitor VPS Server Logs

Server logs keep track of every process and event happening on your anonymous VPS. Monitoring your VPS server logs help you stay updated with what's happening on your server. It also enables you to keep track of software and VPS systems vulnerabilities to prevent any security issues.

Set up a firewall

Firewalls are essential to keep out unwanted traffic from accessing your server. Through various configurations, using a pre-installed or custom firewall is highly advised. You can choose to block out a particular IP address or update rule audits and add new ones. You can also close unused ports to prevent unapproved scans.

Protect your VPS with Anti-Malware software

Protecting your server from malware is another step towards filtering out unauthorized and unwanted incoming traffic. Installing malware protection also protects files and data uploaded to your VPS. It also protects your anonymous VPS from malware attacks and data vulnerabilities.

Protect your VPS from Brute force Attacks

Unlike many other tactics used by cybercriminals, brute force attacks do not rely on vulnerabilities within the application. These attacks depend on having weak or guessable credentials, thereby giving attackers access to your VPS. To protect your anonymous VPS from brute force attacks, ensure you limit access to your server and use strong passwords coupled with multiple authentication or OTPs.

Performing Backup

Backups and snapshots are crucial for every hosting service you use. Backups are important as they guarantee the safety of your data even if anything goes wrong. Fortunately, anonymous VPS provider PRV.to offers backups and snapshots of your website for an affordable fee.

Summarily, data play an essential role in our everyday life, and that's why data security is so important, especially when it comes to data shared online. It all depends on security measures you take in the online world, often starting with a hosting service. With anonymous VPS offered by PRV.to, privacy and security will always remain a top priority. Thanks to Bitcoin, and anonymous Tor network access, your private details will stay safe and clandestine.

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