Web3 Brings a New Way of Gaming

Web3 Brings a New Way of Gaming
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03 January 2023


Web 3.0 is the evolution of the internet from the present web 2.0, web2 is basically where users can add up their contents on the web and it is present under a decentralized network. On the evolution of web2.0 to web3.0, all the contents are owned by the users and these contents are present over the decentralized network making the user's data safe and the contents are controlled only by the users. Web3 is one of the hot topics in the digital space which is attracting many youngsters and entrepreneurs to develop their businesses in web3 space and the gaming industry has started its work in exploring web3 space where they can bring it into the existing models. Also dedicatedly to working on the development of the unique web3 gaming platform.

Web3 Gaming

Wondering what is web3 gaming? Let's see in detail about the work of web3 in the gaming industry and how it attracts users to their gaming industry. Web3 game development brings the existing gaming model from a centralized to a decentralized network because web3 is designed for it and the users can get the benefit of using cryptos in the in-app game purchases and use cryptos for other services offered by the gaming platform. This keeps the information of the bank accounts and other user's details aside from the access and keeps the users' details away from the admin access where privacy matters in web3 development.

Web3 gaming uses the same tech stack used for the development of gaming platforms in addition to it blockchain technology is brought into action which is the main player in the web3 space. Every game developer can opt for the required blockchain network that suits the best development of web3 games. Big brands have started exploring web3 in gaming and some have acquired web3 gaming startups. And everyone should be clear that the Web3 game and the Metaverse game are different, let me give you a short note on what is web3 game and metaverse game are.

Web3 Game vs Metaverse Game

Metaverse Games are developed over advanced 3d rendering software which is completely different from the web3 tech stack and designers and developers work on the development of a 3d environment for the metaverse game. The metaverse game is completely different from the web3 game where gamers are engaged with VR gadgets to explore the full capability of a metaverse game and the gamers will able to feel the gaming environment in real where web3 gaming is completely different from this.

Web3 gaming is a 2d game and it must be incorporated with blockchain technology which makes the game completely decentralized the development process required well-experienced blockchain developers in addition to the game developer. Web3 doesn’t require any extra gadgets to explore the gaming experience. On the whole web3 gaming is different from metaverse gaming, but metaverse games can be brought under web3 gaming by implementing blockchain technology in the 3d gaming platform. This will make the metaverse gaming platform decentralized and the blockchain developers involves in the work of blockchain solutions in the game. Web3 and Metaverse solutions can be combined to present an advanced gaming platform but web3 and metaverse are different.

How Web3 Game Performs in the Future?

The web3 platforms are attracting many users around the globe and this is the reason why all have started exploring web3 solutions and many are doing research in adopting web3 solutions for their business. In that way gaming industry has also started exploring web3 gaming solutions and a few of the games are successfully running in the digital space with thousands of active users. As youngsters are concerned with their privacy on the internet the next generation will opt for a safe and secure web solution that protects their data, which automatically diverts them to web3 platforms.

Finally, web3 will be the only solution for those users and as everyone opts for it every industry will be coming out with its own web3 solutions to attract and maintain their business standard in the global market. Big corporates have started working on their web3 solutions investing billions of dollars and this shows the sign that the future will be moving towards web3. In that case, web3 gaming will be one of the most interesting platforms in the decentralized space and will attract millions of gamers around the globe to the gaming platform in a short period of time.

Benefits of Web3 Gaming

Web3 gaming brings in the development of the gaming platform over the blockchain network making the platform decentralized and this results in presenting a secured platform to the users. Web3 gaming is a transparent gaming platform that involves the participation of digital assets like NFTs and cryptos in the gameplay. Web3 gaming is planned with its own digital economy that compromises the trending crypto tokens and the NFT takes part in the gameplay most of these gaming NFTs will be avatars and other gaming assets for playing games. 

Bringing up web3 will let the user get access to the gameplay assets out of the gaming platform as NFTs on various web platforms. Web3 gaming would attract many young gamers and a new transformation of web3 lifestyle gaming platforms is introduced which let the gamer earn crypto tokens for the completion of every activity of the platform in real life. Paly to earn, move to earn, and sleep to earn are a few web3 lifestyle gaming platforms.

End of Line

Web3 gaming solutions are the new trend in the gaming universe, many entrepreneurs have come up with their own idea for web3 gaming platforms and there are many blockchain developers involved in the development of web3 games. You may also look out for the leading web3 development company in the digital space and launch your web3 games and other web3 platforms for your business. Get yourself engaged with web3 developers and know more about the role of web3 platforms and blockchain in the digital space. Millions of people will be experiencing the web3 gaming solutions and corporates will be making profits in billions.

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