Do NFT Trends Really Shape The Future Of Web3?

Do NFT Trends Really Shape The Future Of Web3?
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Are you already a Web3 user? If yes, then you might have known some industry trends by now. There are various niches in the Web3 space. Among them, some even moved to the development stage while others have gone out of business. Well, NFT trends will come and go because what matters is the right timing and hype. 

Let us have a look at the NFT trends history we came across. 

NFT Trends - History

NFT trends are similar to any other technology trends in the physical world. But, sometimes, a trend may develop a spark and evolve like a whole movement. However, some may also burst into a massive seed for mass adoption. With more adoption, the demand for NFT Token development will also spike. 

Do you know where it all started?

We can’t skip when CryptoPunks while talking about Web3. They are pixelated artworks that attracted millions of people. Also, Bored Ape Yacht Club is probably one of the most specific NFT collections that sparked half of the existing NFT trends. 

However, roadmaps are the key elements that contribute to massive adoption. It is because it was the first time ever that many Web3 projects started to talk about their future plans to token holders. 

Here Is The Novice’s Version

Let us put it in a simple way. You have two possibilities when it comes to trading NFTs. You can either lose money while acting carelessly for any FOMO hype. If this doesn’t make sense to you, imagine whether pixelated digital art will be worth a hundred million dollars in 2040. There is no guarantee in it. 

The NFT marketplace has both ups and downs, blindly moving along with the wave currents of the ongoing market trends. 

NFT Trends Shape Web3’s Future

Will you believe if we say that Today’s NFT Trends Will Determine The Web3 Industry’s Future?

That’s a Big YES! No matter how dumb an NFT Trend is, it will play a part in shaping the future of the domain. For example, do you remember when people chose the Zora platform instead of OpenSea simply because they didn’t charge any excessive fees? So, creators were able to set their own royalties and use NFT burning functions. 

Ultimately, it is totally on us! If we understand this and work accordingly, we can create the perfect chance to bring some underrated talents to the light. Thus, it will be a win-win situation for both creators and collectors. 

What Does The Future Hold?

Realistically speaking, the Web3 interface is quite complex to understand. Above all, many Web3 investors are not even ready to showcase their Web3 investments because they feel embarrassed. It shows that we are not ready yet for mass adoption, as of now. We need still more cool trends to pull more audiences into the ecosystem. 

Blockchain, NFT’s core technology, is alone enough to uncover unlimited possibilities for those curbed in a specific location. It allows everyone to publish, create, collaborate, vote, and own democratically. However, initiating mass adoption requires innovation and more accessibility. So, everyone should have access to innovative trends using a marketplace. To develop a good marketplace, you have to approach a skilled NFT marketplace development company in the crypto space. 

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