What is Chia?

What is Chia?
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It is a digital age and people are busy running online businesses. While there are numerous ways to earn online, blockchain is another way of earning in this modern age. Blockchain was originally launched for large sale use by governments, organizations, traders, and others for secure digital operations online. Many cryptocurrencies have been launched on the basis of blockchain for secure transactions and online trading.  Since its launch, the crypto markets have observed various ups and downs. Chia is a relatively new crypto network that came in its full form back in 2021. It is a completely new cryptocurrency operating on the agenda of green policies.

By green policies, we refer to the fact that it is an environmentally friendly cryptocurrency that aims to save resources. Many other cryptocurrencies came before Chia but they utilize a lot of resources like electricity, processing power, and highly efficient GPU cards to mine. Mining is a term that refers to the process of earning coins in a blockchain after solving complex mathematical problems. The miner wins a coin after these problems are solved and a record is maintained using the Proof of Stake and Proof of Work algorithms. 

Chia was launched to counter these problems as it has its own blockchain on a new programming language called Chialisp. Instead of PoS and PoW, Chia works on the basis of PoST (Proof of Space and Time). These algorithms work utilizing the empty spaces in the HDDs of a computer system. This saves the intensive computation power that goes into the implementation of PoS and PoW in the regular blockchains. 

If you are already into the crypto business or thinking to start, it is the right time to use Chia, as it is the future cryptocurrency. 

Chia Tools

Why 5Farm for Chia Management?

5Farm is an all-in-one Chia management tool for Windows and Ubuntu. If you are farming in Chia and you haven’t come across trusted, reliable, and effective Chia management software then 5Farm is here for you. In this application, you can conduct everyday operations on Chia from the ease of your system on a single UI. It contains modules for everything from Chia blockchain management to Chia coin management, pool management, plotting, farming, and harvesting in one place. 

Chia Plotting Software

Plotting is the first step to starting farming in Chia and it is best to use a plot manager to create multiple plots at the same time. Using the plot manager of 5Farm you can carry out this task conveniently. This is possible after configuring the settings using the advanced options. There are various advanced options to allow you to conduct plotting-related operations on this software. 

Chia Farming Software

Pool Management

The process of mining is called farming in Chia. The name refers to the green policy and the original Chia seed farming process. 5Farm provides you the facility of joining a pool and winning XCH rewards. The portal allows you to manage and monitor multiple nodes at the same place and use advanced options for better analysis and quick decisions. 

Pool management allows conducting operations regarding Partials Payments Rewards Block Share

You can access the following information about the farm: 

  • XCH Total Chia Farmed
  • Total Points Balance
  • Total Pools Connected
  • Total Pool Points
  • Total DG Plots Count
  • Total Portable Plots Count
  • Total Plot Size
  • Estimated Time of Win
  • Pools associated with the Farm
  • Last Attempted Proof
  • Latest Block Challenges 
  • Connections


Blockchain Management

The blockchain management feature of 5Farm allows complete accessibility to the Chia blockchain network, farming difficulties, syncing status, peak height, connection status, block iterations, VDF slot iterations, and numerous others. You can get the latest updates daily, weekly, monthly, or whenever you want from anywhere. 

Other Tools 

There are many other Chia plotting and mining tools in the market. However, the problem with most of this software is that they are dedicated to a single or a few Chia management services. As a result, you have to operate numerous software and online Chia management tools to manage the networks. As Chia is a digital currency of the future, many tools and software are expected to enter the market for easy operational management for the Chia farmers. 

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