What is the future of web3 games?

What is the future of web3 games?
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Web3 games use cryptocurrencies and NFTs and are built on blockchains’ decentralized, peer-to-peer architecture. Blockchain empowers players to claim and exchange game things, like NFTs and other advanced resources, and move them without outsider intercession. Smart contracts are used to manage and trade assets on decentralized marketplaces. Players and the gaming industry stand to gain significantly from decentralization. The play-to-earn gaming model was created as a result of decentralized gaming and the increased transparency and security provided by a blockchain. In this model, players earn cryptocurrency for playing games and leveling up. 
P2E NFT gaming marketplaces have become a popular passive income option. Web3 gaming boosts the gaming industry financially through innovations like the metaverse, crypto-secured gaming wallets, and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).
The future!
The future looks promising and exciting thanks to web-based gaming. Players now have new opportunities to truly own their in-game currencies and assets. Additionally, developers have access to new revenue streams in Web 3. The gaming industry has changed as a result of blockchain technology's introduction. It introduces a new revenue model with community-focused game experiences and eliminates centralized parties. These progressions further upgrade the social and amusement parts of gaming.
Because they offer distinct experiences and appeal to distinct audiences, Web3 games are unlikely to completely replace traditional games. Web3 games might open up new doors and give the gaming industry new ways to make money. It gives fascinating continuous cooperation experiences. As the technology and infrastructure for Web3 gaming continue to advance, we can also anticipate increased adoption of cryptocurrency payments and more opportunities for players and developers to participate in the decentralized gaming ecosystem.
It is believed that Web3 gaming, which brings 3D immersion to the internet, is the low-hanging fruit of the global technological push toward the metaverse. The metaverse, which is meant to be built on top of Web3, is expected to change our social and professional lives and grow into a multi-trillion-dollar business.
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