What to Do If You Don’t Find Student Accommodation in Darmstadt

What to Do If You Don’t Find Student Accommodation in Darmstadt

In the state of Hesse in Germany, there is a city named Darmstadt. This city is located in the southern part of the Rhine-Main-Area, simply known as the Frankfurt Metropolitan Region. Darmstadt holds the official title of “City of Science”. As a matter of fact, it is a prominent center of scientific institutions, companies, and universities.

Darmstadt has three major universities, which are the Technical University of Darmstadt, Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, and the Protestant University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt. International School of Management is also a major institute for students here.

In the above-mentioned and the other institutions in Darmstadt, many international students also get an education apart from the indigenous students. Therefore, quite obviously, there is a good demand for student accommodation Darmstadt. There is no shortage of accommodations for international students in this city.

But, sometimes, due to a huge rush of students, you may face the situation when you don’t find student accommodation after you get enrolled in a university in the city. Besides, sometimes, you might not have applied for a residence on time, which may also be a reason for this shortage. In that case, the question, which can be in front of you, is how to find accommodation when there is a shortage. Here are some of the methods that you can use.

Search for Accommodation in Some Other City for Some Time Wherefrom You Could Commute to Darmstadt

If you don’t find a place to stay in Darmstadt then you can search for accommodation in some other city in Germany, which is nearby to Darmstadt or wherefrom you could commute to your university. For instance, you can get student accommodation Dortmund. You can reach Dortmund from Darmstadt within 2 to 3 hours by train or driving.

Giving so much time in commuting may not be a comfortable option for you but you can use this method for the time being till you do not find a residence in Darmstadt. You can also get a place to stay in the nearby cities of Darmstadt such as Griesheim, which is just 6 km away and you can reach within 15-20 minutes by driving. But, Dortmund is the city where some good places for student accommodation are available, which is why it has been suggested.

Search for Private Rental Apartments 

Another way to arrange a residence when all the accommodation properties are full is to search for private rental apartments. The private rental apartments are the houses that are apart from the purpose-built student accommodations. These apartments can be booked overnight.

These apartments may be available in different price ranges. These apartments are beneficial for students in some ways. The first benefit has already been mentioned that you can book it overnight immediately before coming to Darmstadt. The other benefit is that you can set your own rules whereas you need to follow some rules in the university halls or private halls meant for students.

You can stay in a private rental apartment alone or can share it with any of your friends or classmates. If you find this apartment perfectly suitable according to your needs then you can keep on staying there whereas if you want to live in the accommodations meant for students then you can change when such housing becomes vacant.

Add Accommodation to Your ‘Waitlist’ on the Websites of Student Accommodation Service Providers 

Today, there is a trend of searching for accommodation through the websites of student accommodation service providers. It is hugely beneficial for you. The websites of accommodation service providers have lists of student properties available in different cities in the world.

When an accommodation property is full, you get an option “Join Waitlist” on the image of the property. By joining waitlists, you will be able to book when the residences in those properties will be free.

Live with a Friend

There are chances when any of your friends might have taken admitted in Darmstadt. You can choose to live with him/her if he/she has booked a place to stay. He/she may have booked an apartment like the above-mentioned method, which he/she can share with you. Or, some places of accommodation offer some houses, which can be used as both single occupancy and shared residences. If your friend is living in any such residence then you can adjust with him/her.

To Sum Up

These were some of the methods that you can use when you don’t find accommodation in Darmstadt. It is highly advised to students to book accommodation at least three months before shifting to Darmstadt if they are enrolled. It will help you in avoiding the problem of shortage of accommodation plus you may get a residence at reasonable prices by doing this.

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