Why do you need a dedicated server for forex robots?

Why do you need a dedicated server for forex robots?
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29 September 2022

Recently, forex robots have become especially popular, because this is really a great option for those who want to not only trade, but also make money on it. However, very often the work of the robot on a home computer turns out to be inefficient, because it is influenced by extraneous factors - the Internet speed may drop sharply or the electricity will turn off. To avoid such problems, renting a virtual private server will help.

VPS is a very popular service when a trader can rent a virtual dedicated server from a certain provider, with his own desktop.

Server Features

Such a server is not just an ordinary computer, it has a number of features:

  • it has bulky specialized hard drives;

  • its fairly large-scale computing power is divided into several processes;

  • it has a high-speed Internet connection, maintaining a constant speed;

  • in the event of a power failure, it is equipped with backup power;

  • the server constantly creates backup copies - any failure is not capable of leading to the loss of information or important data.

By renting a VPS, a trader gets his “remote desktop” on this computer. Now it is enough to install your trading robot on it using remote access programs. The robot will work even after the main computer is disconnected from it. The server has no days off and holidays - and the robot will also work around the clock.

Why do you need a dedicated server for forex robots?

VPS Benefits

When using a trading robot, a rented VPS server is definitely better than a regular home computer, even with enough power:

  • servers work around the clock, without the need for constant monitoring of it;

  • the task of the broker will be to regularly adjust the trading algorithms;

  • You can connect to such a server from anywhere in the world and from any device, for this you only need access to the Internet;

  • the robot will work around the clock, which makes it possible to use all available forex trading sessions when trading, regardless of the time of day;

  • what is important - the server equipment is connected to several Internet channels and has several backup power sources;

  • thanks to high-speed Internet, all payment orders sent by the trading robot will reach the specified broker almost instantly.

In order to take full advantage of all the advantages of a trading robot, it is worth placing it on a specially dedicated server. In addition, this placement option is much safer than a home computer. Continuous operation can lead to overheating and failure of the device, and in the worst case, to a short circuit and fire. Therefore, you should not constantly operate your home computer if there are remote servers specially designed for this.

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