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Linux This Month - AlmaLinux arrives, Podman 3.0, KaliLinux and Ubuntu Core 20

In this episode, we're going to take a look at recent developments with AlmaLinux and Podman, and the arrival of Ubuntu Core 20, Kali Linux, 2021.1 and Firefox 86.0, let's take a look. First up in the news. If you've been crying in your beer over th...

Alex · 12 March 2021 · 321 · 1

Linux This Month - The future of CentOS, and Linux on Mars

By now, you've probably seen some sort of news on the landing of the perseverance Mars Rover, but did you know that there's actually a tiny helicopter ingenuity tucked under the Rover better yet? It's powered by Linux. The flight framework used for...

Jacob Enderson · 24 February 2021 · 96