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Difference between web Designer and developer

Web Designer: A web designer is a graphics producer who are the supervise for designer display, accessibility and visual emergence website.  Web Developer: A Web developer is build and maintain the structure and layout of website. Web developer is...

Hamid Mughal · 30 August 2022 · 93

All 50+ Adobe apps explained

Artists around the world use various Adobe products to create everything from the icons you see on a website to the movies you watch in a theater. We all know about Photoshop, but can you name the rest of the Adobe products shown here? To make it mor...

Alex · 02 March 2020 · 246

Which version of Illustrator is best?

Illustrator comes in a lot of versions. Ultimately, it's up to you and your requirements to determine the ideal. Illustrator CS6 is a solid pick if you're starting and require a simple version. Consider upgrading to Illustrator CC or CS7 if you fre...

kimberly shaw · 25 November 2022 · 130