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2N7000 N-Channel MOSFET Introduction

Introduction The 2N7000 are small signal N-Channel MOSFETs. They are manufactured with proprietary, high-cell density DMOS technology. The products are designed to minimize resist...

Anita Chan · 06 April 2022 · 58

How do N-channel MOSFETs Work?

How do N-channel MOSFETs Work? In the N-channel MOSFET, the conductivity between drain and source is accomplished by the motion of electrons. The transistor's source and drain are...

Anita Chan · 01 March 2022 · 37

How does the MOSFET Work?

What is MOSFET? A MOSFET transistor is a type of power switch that can control the amount of current flowing in an electric circuit. It has two terminals called gate and drain, wi...

Anita Chan · 11 February 2022 · 77