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The 2020 5K iMac ($2420) OUTPERFORMS the $5000 iMac Pro!

Apple just updated their 5K iMacs for the last time EVER with Intel chips, and they basically went all out. These new iMacs FINALLY come packed with Apple’s T2 chip, Intel’s 10th-gen processors and new graphics based on AMD’s Navi a...

Alex · 13 August 2020 · 295

ASUS StudioBook Pro 17 - Ultimate Workstation Laptop?

The ASUS StudioBook 17 is a laptop for creative professionals and has some interesting components that I’ve never tested before. For the specs my config has a 9th gen Xeon processor, Nvidia Quadro T1000 graphics, 16gb of memory in single channe...

JT · 30 June 2020 · 95