4 Tips To Use Instagram To Get Your Art Noticed

4 Tips To Use Instagram To Get Your Art Noticed
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Instagram is the best way to promote your art. Your art can get noticed and exposed to a vast audience through Instagram. It is the best place for emerging and creative artists. 

The platform allows the artist to connect worldwide with new audiences. Especially the visual artist can avail of the great experience and advantage through the platform. 

Instagram has billions of users around the globe which means an unlimited reach. You can connect with other artists as well as art enthusiast buyers. 

There are several ways to get your art noticed on Instagram, and here is a list of tips that will help to reach more audiences across the world. 

Create The Profile Wisely 

To get your art noticed on Instagram, create a profile with everything well-built and meaningful. You can go through several tutorials on How To Create An Artist Instagram Account to create a flawless profile. Ensure to upload a profile picture that stands out from the rest; you can add a logo, your professional photo, or your art picture. 

Username is another big thing here. Your username should be accessible to searches, such as your own name or your business name. And you can also use the combination of your name with the business name. It is all up to you. But make sure that you don’t use a complex username in terms of being creative. 

Add relevant keywords in your bio – it will depend on your niche and what type of artist you are. And what is your art focused on? You can also add a little information about yourself, so the viewer can know whose work they are looking at. 

Also, don’t forget to add the link to your website, online shop, etc.

The Aesthetics

The aesthetics are essential to make the profile beautiful. A dull-looking website can’t attract so many visitors. It will help if you learn a few basics to make your feed attractive. Use good lighting. Try to take pictures in daylight. 

You can also go for a room with white or light-colored walls. Don’t let you’re the color of your art blend with the background; it cannot give the perfect effect. Still, you can’t get the picture you want; you can up the brightness of each photo. 

You can edit your pictures in a photo editing app to give them a better look. Ensure that you don’t edit so much that it looks different from the original one.  Use the Instagram planning app to see and adjust how your feed looks. 

Before uploading a picture, you can see your feed look, post calendar, analytics, and hashtag research tool. 

The Consistency 

Consistency is important when it comes to Instagram posting. You have to upload the post consistently to grab the audience and retain the existing followers. You have to remind them about your art every day. 

It is suggested to post 1 to 2 times a day if you are a new artist. And if you have a good number of followers, then you must post on your Instagram every 1 or 2 days. When you are not active, the audience will look for a diversion and move to another artist’s profile. So, keep them to yourself. You must post daily. 

Following Other Artist 

What most people do is search the follower and following tabs of a profile to get more people like the one. Maybe someone searches you from other artists’ followers’ tab. There are many chances for that. It is better to follow some of the artists related to your niche. 

It not only helps you to get noticed, but also you can build a connection with these artists and create a community. Or you can get entry into an already made community of artists. 


So, these are some of the tips to use to get your art notices on Instagram. No doubt there are billions of users of Instagram. It means that you have tough competition, and you have to exist in between them and surpass them at the moment. 

There is no way people will get to you if you are hard to find a username, a bio that lacks information, a dull feed, then the last post from years ago. 

You have to make sure that everything is on point and that the Instagram page and well-built according to the guidelines to reach a worldwide audience. Engaging with an audience is hard but not impossible, so create the profile now and display your art.

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