5 Destinations Perfect for Digital Nomads

5 Destinations Perfect for Digital Nomads
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18 November 2022

According to the broke backpacker, 35 million digital nomads exist globally, and 11 million come from the U.S. alone. Digital nomads are individuals that don't depend on a particular location. They are remote workers and don't need to be physically present in the office so they can carry out a job. 

A digital nomad can carry out this type of work because of advanced technology, which has made way for incredible innovations to what we once considered a “typical” business environment.

Digital nomads find jobs in digital marketing, transcription, web programming, language translation, and a multitude of other niches through the internet. They can connect to websites like FlexJobs, SolidGigs, HubStaffTalent, WeWorkRemotely and Remote. Digital nomads can also use social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to connect with potential employers.

5 Countries That Are Most Populated With Digital Nomads

Digital nomads live in many countries of the world, but there are some particular countries where they are much more dominated by nomads. Let’s take a look at five right now!

1. China

China is one of several countries where digital nomads occupy even areas in the countryside. They find that China offers many opportunities for working remotely. Of course, China’s booming technological scene makes it an ideal place to work in these and other related fields.

In China, rural areas now have Wi-FI with incredible speeds and offer reliable places to set up a remote office. Also, cities like Yangshuo have nature views that are so beautiful to see. Expats living in China love the country because of the low living cost, rising options for coworking spaces, unique varieties of food, and its mesmerizing culture.

2. Singapore

Another country that has many digital nomads is Singapore. This beautiful locale is well known for its high standards when it comes to safety and security. The atmosphere is very conducive, and they have great maintenance systems.

There are many U.S. expats in Singapore because it thrives well in the digital world. Many companies like to hire remote workers to save money on taxes, and its proximity to other Asian nations like Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand makes it a great home base.

3. Uruguay

Uruguay is an incredible country for expats because of its steady economy and good political structure. One reason digital nomads live in and love this country is that irrespective of an expat's gender, sexuality, race and religion, the locals there treat outsiders equally.

Also, Uruguay has an adequate balance between work and fun, making it suitable for mental health and well-being. The cost of living is also not high. Although many Uruguayans don't understand English, they are friendly with expats who are just now beginning to learn their language.

4. Canada

There is always one thing that digital nomads consider in locations: the stability of the country and the citizens' attitudes. Canada is a country that is highly stable economically and politically, and it is one of the most digital-nomad-friendly countries in the world.

Also, Canada has high standards of medical and education systems, low crime rates and living costs, amiable locals, and a genuine love for expats. Digital nomads appreciate this country, particularly for its natural diversity.

5. South Korea

South Korea is a country well known for its beautiful towns, low cost of medical service, and reliable transportation. Digital nomads are flocking to this country because of its low living expenses and safety. Also, South Korea has friendly locals making it easy for expats to make friends, different kinds of tasty foods, and fascinating culture. 

5 Destinations Perfect for Digital Nomads

Settling in one spot is not so common for a digital nomad. However, they may develop a route that they like to follow, spending a few months at each destination. That’s why several cities are always at the top of a digital nomad’s next work and travel adventure.

1. Budapest

Most European countries have fundamental problems like a high cost of living, which scares most digital nomads. Budapest is one of the few countries with a low living cost, located in Hungary. It is one of the best destinations for current and aspiring digital nomads.

There are multiple coworking spaces, a low cost of transportation, a good climate, and access to Wi-Fi with great speed. Expats also find it easy to make friends, and their safety is guaranteed.

2. Lisbon

Another destination perfect for digital nomads is Lisbon. Located in Portugal, it’s well known for its numerous bars and café, which are internet fortified. Digital nomads love to settle in Lisbon because of the culture, English-speaking locals and nature-friendly ecosystem. Transportation is relatively cheap, and the locals are friendly.

3. Prague

Some cities are famous worldwide for their structural beauty, and Prague is one of them. This iconic city is located in the Czech Republic and is known for its amazing Romanesque and Gothic structural design. 

Digital nomads love exploring this city because of its winding streets, which contain secret bars, restaurants and cafes. If you, as an expat, seek to stay in the city temporarily, the Czech Republic government provides an appealing visa.

4. Medellin

Digital nomads find Medellin a charming place because of its liveliness and social systems. Medellin is located in Colombia and is characterized by a low cost of living, fast internet access and great weather. 

This destination is perfect because of the excellent work-life balance. Expats conveniently work remotely because of the presence of many coworking spaces and Wi-Fi that comes at no cost.

5. Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the most appreciated places in the world for preserving age-long artifacts and sites. This historical city is located in Turkey and is a place tourists always love to visit. Most digital nomads love this spot because of its flexible options available for housing and the great culture present for working from home. 


Millennial and Gen Z workers especially find digital nomad living attractive. However, it’s become a popular lifestyle for people of all ages, as of late.

Just be sure to “know before you go,” and prepare ahead of time. Adventure awaits!

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