How To Live A Decentralized Lifestyle As A Crypto Digital Nomads

How To Live A Decentralized Lifestyle As A Crypto Digital Nomads
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Crypto Digital Nomads are the latest trend in the digital, crypto-owned travel universe. This refers to a person who is using crypto to finance their travel plans. And yes, you can do it too. With innovative blockchain travel projects such as the Orfeus Network, anyone can travel internationally using cryptocurrencies.

Crypto nomads are not the same as digital nomads, which refers to people who work online when travelling. Crypto digital nomads are already miles ahead, as they are not only working while travelling but also using crypto to pay for their travel expenses. But the real power of crypto nomads is not the currency but the community - a community of thousands of crypto nomads who live and travel in all corners of the world and are always ready to help each other whenever needed. Need a cheap air ticket or a free stay in a city, just ask the community to get someone to help you. Here, we tell you how you can use the Orfeus Network’s decentralized self-developing tourist ecosystem-type B2C blockchain marketplace to live and prosper as a Crypto Digital Nomad.

What is Orfeus Network?

ORFEUS Network is a decentralized self-developing tourist ecosystem B2C blockchain marketplace that works on the principle of 0% commission. In simple words, it’s an ecosystem that uses blockchain technology to provide a range of affordable & verified travel services to people at 0% commission.

Traditionally, when you acquire a travel service such as flight tickets or hotel booking through an agent, you have to pay a commission in addition to the cost of the service. Orfeus Network aims to make high-quality travel services such as cheap flights to Europe affordable for everyone by eliminating the concept of agent commission. This will ensure travellers only pay the actual cost of service without any additional or hidden charges. In addition, Orfeus uses the power of the community to grant access to verified and secure t

Orfeus Network for Crypto Digital Nomads

ORFEUS NETWORK is a Blockchain-based travel community of digital nomads around the world. Most of our community members are digital nomads, i.e. individuals who love to work while travelling. They use crypto to fund their travel expenses and travel affordably all over the world. Our members can use the services provided by the different platforms of the Orfeus Network to make their travels more accessible and affordable. For example, they can make all kinds of travel bookings at zero commission as well as can book the cheapest flight tickets to Europe from anywhere in the world.

Orfeus Network’s community has thousands of members and is increasing. All these digital nomads help each other to solve their travel issues. Need help booking cheap flight tickets or hotel rooms? You can seek help from a fellow community member. Similarly, you can ask the community for more information about a new destination you are planning to visit or whether or not it is safe to visit.

The ORF token aims to connect digital nomads globally - a community of workers in various fields who are looking for destinations where they do not stop working, while communicating, having fun and earning more, etc. Find out more at

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