9 Tips for Choosing Software Development Company

9 Tips for Choosing Software Development Company
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13 September 2022

Before personalization went mainstream, businesses conducted their day-to-day operations using cookie-cutter websites. But very quickly they became frustrated: ready-made solutions lacked the scalability that growing businesses required, so there was a need for one that was scalable and perfectly suited to their needs.

A custom website is that solution in today's world. There are currently a number of software development firms that create software from scratch and tailor it to the specific needs of each client. These providers are referred to as "Custom software development companies." Customizable websites are intended to provide users with unique features and experiences that exceed their expectations.

If you're considering a customizable website but aren't sure which service provider to go with, you should read this article! Learn the benefits of utilizing custom software and how to choose the most qualified custom software development company.

What are the benefits of custom software development?

So, why build custom software? Here are six good reasons you should.

1. Brand-specific design

Your website only gets one chance to make a good first impression: so seize the moment! However, great impressions don’t just make themselves, you create them through impeccable branding. This is where custom websites come in. Custom software development provides a way to incorporate all the essential elements of your branding in a way to truly stand out and cater to your target market. In essence, you gain a competitive edge if your website showcases strong expertise and your best unique sides.

2. Enhances SEO

There are numerous web design elements and practices that determine how search engine spiders crawl and index your site. In fact, according to Statista, on-page elements were the leading factor for search engine ranking in 2021.

9 Tips for Choosing Software Development Company

So, you can't afford to get your SEO wrong! If your on-page SEO basics aren't up to snuff, you're going to be up against it from the get-go. Thankfully, customizable websites come with the added benefit of enabling site owners to fine-tune their website's fundamental components, which in turn increases the site's discoverability in search engines.

3. Simplifies the customer journey

The customer journey seems simple. You offer a product or service, and customers buy it. It's not as simple as that, though. According to Salesforce, 80 percent of customers place a high value on the quality of their customer service.

To experience your products and services, customers must be able to navigate their way through. Without an easy-to-use interface, they may get lost along their journeys or even click away. Therefore, having a customizable website with an intuitive design simplifies the customer journey, decreases abandonment rates, and increases conversion rates.

4. Provides robust security

It’s easy for unprotected websites to get cyber-bugged. But to avoid this, custom websites are updated to meet the most recent security demands. Custom websites employ an SSL certificate, which verifies the website's identity and enables a secure connection between the user and the site. Although some browsers still support non-SSL sites, it is strongly advised that you obtain an SSL certificate for your website.

How to choose a custom software development company

There are many custom software development companies out there, but how do you know which one is right for you? Below is a list of the most important things to check.

1. Software development provider

Software development companies offer different services, prices, and locations. Here are the 3 of the most common.

  • Onshore: Onshore software development involves hiring software developers from the same country as the business. Development companies charge as much as $200/hour and $150,000 per project.

  • Offshore: Offshore software development involves hiring a team of developers in another country. The cost of recruiting an offshore software development team could range from

  • Nearshore: Nearshore software development involves hiring engineers in nearby countries or locations. Hiring costs fall between $25 and $50.

2. Background

Examining examples of previous projects can provide a clearer picture of a company's quality. Mckinsey points out 3 key indicators that separate future ready companies from the pack. These are the ones to keep an eye on.

9 Tips for Choosing Software Development Company

Furthermore, the project's scope, employed technologies, and developed features should be evaluated. Check the vendor’s blog to determine if they have a solid understanding of both business and technology. Also important to consider is its size, experience, and technology stack.

3. Industry expertise

When searching for a development partner for custom software, you will need to place a strong emphasis on specialized knowledge, in particular, if certain modifications must be implemented. The fact that the company is already familiar with your market segment makes it very likely that they could easily create a website that is adaptable to your needs.

4. Development services

Before finalizing the deal, you should make sure the provider comprehends the requirements of your company. Because the size of the project also plays a role in determining who is included on the team, it is essential to have all relevant talents on board, including designers, project managers, quality assurance analysts, developers, and any other specialists. Another requirement is that the custom software development company must provide assurances regarding both development and maintenance services. These are pivotal stages that could make or break the project

5. Technologies

The technology stack used is determined by the unique customizations of development teams. In fact, utilizing the most suitable stacks tailors the SDLC to specific requirements, thereby saving time, money, and effort.

Another key influencer of teams’ customization is code quality. Poorer codes necessitate the use of multiple technologies to deliver a functional product. Before moving forward with a provider, double-check the available customizations and the estimated duration of the projects. Also find out their tools, certifications, and business model.

6. Geography

The vendor's location should be considered alongside other factors. A software development company could be onshore, offshore, or nearshore. Because onshore employees share the same corporate culture as the company's, communication will be seamless, and there will be fewer misinterpretations.

Offshoring, on the other hand, is an excellent way to reduce costs while also gaining access to a larger pool of potential hires. However, by partnering with a nearshore provider, you can reap the benefits of both offshoring and onshoring. Still, you should consider the different time zones, languages, and cultural norms, regardless of the model.

7. Engagement model

Every company has an engagement model that defines the terms of its partnership. Engagement models typically outline the mode of work, salaries, and length of collaboration. Here are a few considerations for choosing an engagement model.

  • Do you want to develop a new product from scratch?

  • Or do you only require some of their technology experts to supplement your own team?

  • Already have a team in place, but need to fill a technology infrastructure gap?

  • Alternately, would you prefer to build your own internal development team while retaining complete managerial control?

That said, not every organization provides all models. It's likely that some only work with specific technologies or CTOs/technical co-founders, while others may offer a single developer or team.

8. Development costs

There is a large variety in the average cost of software development, as it turns out. The cost of developing an app is influenced by the app's technical specifications and features.

For example: Developing a simple software costs between 40,000 USD and 60,000 USD, while one with average complexities would fit between 60,000 USD and to 150, 000 USD. A really complex software with many functionalities, on the other hand, could go up to 300,000 USD.

But there are other non-technical aspects that could affect your budget. Here are the most important factors to account for:

  • Software type

  • Platform

  • UX/UI design

  • Location

  • Team size

  • Third-party integrations

While drawing up a budget, it’s crucial to keep all aspects in check. You should determine the Total Cost of Ownership in order to avoid additional expenses outside the main budget.

9. Support

Maintaining your apps and websites improves their quality, visibility, and responsiveness. This is not only crucial to continuous software updates, but it also helps to eliminate bugs and better meet the needs of its users. Hence, if you want to provide consistently excellent service to your customers, you must perform regular software maintenance. Failing to do so could result in an unexpected fee or outdated and buggy software.

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