A Guide On Wikipedia Page For Dentistry

A Guide On Wikipedia Page For Dentistry
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People are taking extra care of their medical and dental health after covid 19. Since the pandemic, patients avoid going directly to clinics before making an appointment. Now, patients prefer to search online about the different clinics, offering health and dental service. If you have recently started your clinic and you don’t have the budget and sources to create a website, the best you can do is create a Wikipedia page for your clinic. It is a great platform that can provide all the related information about user queries. It is easy to get featured on the first page of google if you have created an authentic Wikipedia page. 

According to different research, more than 34 million people use Wikipedia to get information related to their questions. Out of these 34 million people, many users might become your potential customers, if you will have a properly optimized Wikipedia page. For the creation of a page, you can hire a Wikipedia page creation agency. You can also create a page on your own related to your services.

Seven important points you must follow to create a Wikipedia page.

Before you start to create a Wikipedia page, read all the terms and conditions of the Wikipedia website. 

  1. Use the correct credential to create a Wikipedia account.

Always use your real identity for the creation of your Wikipedia page. Try to do editing on other pages related to the medical and dentistry field. It will help you in getting autoconfirmed. After doing at least ten edits within four days, you will get the tag of the autoconfirmed user.

0.                  List the authentic references on your website.

After designing a Wikipedia page for your business, you must add references from a trusted source. Wikipedia only considers your content authentic, if it is supported by a trusted third-party source. To create a Wikipedia related to the health business, you must add the correct credentials of doctors. Gather all the information about your hospital from a different source.

1.                  Use a neutral tone

Always use a neutral point of view to create content for your Wikipedia page. It Is your responsibility to make sure your content follows all the articles. Use a professional tone but make sure that your content can be understood by general readers that don’t belong from the medical or dentistry field.

2.                  Adapt to all policies of Wikipedia

Before writing content for your target readers, make sure that your content passes through the evaluation phase. It is only possible if you will strictly follow all the policies of Wikipedia. Use meaningful strategies to write the content. Correct formatting is necessary to make sure that your content is readable.

3.                  Proofread your content 

 If it is difficult for people from medical backgrounds to follow all the rules related to Wikipedia page creation. You can hire companies offering Wikipedia creation services to proofread your content. You can also proofread your content by using advanced tools like Grammarly.

4.                  Take help from wiki help community

You can always take help from the wiki help community if you are stuck at any point in the design of your Wikipedia page. Wikipedia’s editing team provides online help to its users.

5.                  Submission of content to Wikipedia for approval

The last step in the creation of a Wikipedia page related to the health care business is the submission of content. The Wikipedia editing team can take up to six months for the approval of your content. If you are abiding by all the policies, you will not have to worry about your content approval.

Important points to consider for the creation of Wikipedia page 

Here is the summary of the steps you must follow to create a successful Wikipedia page for health and dentistry-related business

        Briefly describe your company, its services, and a number of the doctors working in your clinic.

        Keeping this thing in mind that Wikipedia works like an online encyclopedia. So, avoid using it for your personal publicity. 

        Give in detail information about what services you are offering.

        Mention briefly about all the doctors that are working in your hospital. Provide a link to their profile if they have a Wikipedia profile. 

        Also, give at least 20 to 30 references on your Wikipedia page. It will help you to avoid a conflict-of-interest policy of Wikipedia. 

        After publishing your page, make sure that you are updating your Wikipedia page regularly.



Wikipedia is a great marketing tool. It is up to you how tactically you can use Wikipedia to surge your customer base. Wikipedia policies for the approval of content are strict, but benefits are also huge. The only thing you have to make sure of is to give current, authentic, and to-the-point information about your brand to your reader. If you are creating a Wikipedia page for healthcare you should be more conscious about the information you are giving on your page. As any incorrect information can even deter your clinic’s reputation also.

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