An Official Server for South Africa

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Here's a blog post from Zaire asking if Blizzard will ever bring World of Warcraft into South Africa. It's true. While we assume that the game is available in North America and Europe (and many other parts of the globe) but it's not. There's certainly a market in a place like South Africa -- Blizzard claims they have five to seven thousand players down there (we'd assume that they're playing on EU or US servers) This probably doesn't count players playing who play on private servers which could be as high as 20,000.

iGame is part of an ISP known as iBurst in the area and they claim to be prepared to run an official server (within 24 hours' notice!) If Blizzard agrees, they will. However, Blizzard has informed them that they need at minimum 40,000 players to operate an official server.

Another alternative is the "peering" server. It connects to Blizzard's servers but uses local connections and network to speed things up. However, Blizzard must agree to this, and it appears that they're hesitant at the moment.

Oceanic realms have been experiencing issues for a while, however, they do have a section of servers dedicated to these realms. Are there other major places in the world that don't have WoW support officially? South America? India?

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