Are there any completely free Instagram scheduling tools?

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13 September 2023

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Completely Free Tools for Scheduling Your Instagram Posts

Maintaining a stellar Instagram presence takes consistency – but paying for a scheduling tool may not fit your budget. The good news is there are quality completely free options for planning your Instagram posts in advance. Choosing the right free scheduler coupled with smart scheduling approaches can help you save money while streamlining your Instagram strategy.

Introduction to Free Instagram Schedulers

Thoughtfully scheduling content ahead of time enables more consistent Instagram success.

Benefits of Scheduling Instagram Posts

Scheduling allows you to easily plan captivating posts for optimal engagement. It also saves time and facilitates team collaboration.

Save Money with Completely Free Tools

Some schedulers offer generous free plans with all the core features you need to plan posts efficiently at no cost.

The Best Free Instagram Schedulers

These highly-rated platforms provide full-featured free plans:

Later Free Plan

Later’s free version offers robust scheduling for up to 30 Instagram posts per month. An intuitive calendar interface keeps planning simple.

Preview Free Plan

Preview’s free Instagram scheduler provides unlimited scheduling with capabilities to analyze your performance over time.

Buffer Free Plan

Buffer isn’t Instagram-specific but provides free social media scheduling, including generous Instagram posting.

Hootsuite Free Plan

Hootsuite’s free scheduling covers multiple networks, including key Instagram functionality like bulk uploads.

Evaluating Free Scheduling Tools

The best free Instagram schedulers offer:

Generous Free Posting Limits

Plans with monthly allowances fitting typical small business needs to provide good value.

Flexible Scheduling Features

Easy calendar-based scheduling, bulk uploading capability, and scheduling recurrence enable efficient planning.

User-Friendly Interface

An intuitive, accessible interface makes navigating the platform simple.

Instagram Analytics Integration

Insights on optimal posting times and top-performing content inform future scheduling decisions.

Getting Started with a Free Scheduler

Getting up and running only takes a few minutes:

Signing Up for an Account

Create a free account on your chosen scheduling platform. Add your business details.

Connecting to Instagram

Follow the provided instructions to link your Instagram profile securely. Grant any requested permissions.

Learning the Platform

Take time to understand the interface and test scheduling some draft posts to get familiar.

Developing an Effective Scheduling Strategy

Leverage your free tool to implement a smart Instagram approach:

Determining Optimal Posting Times

Use Instagram analytics to identify when your audience is most active online. Schedule content for peak times.

Planning a Content Mix

Map out a varied content calendar with videos, photos, carousels, etc. to provide variety.

Writing Strategic Captions

Craft engaging, branded captions focused on your audience’s interests. Emojis and hashtags boost engagement.

Adding Relevant Hashtags

Research related hashtags and add a targeted mix to your captions to help posts stand out in feeds.

Best Practices for Scheduling Success

Apply these tips to get the most out of your free scheduler:

Planning Your Editorial Calendar in Advance

Map out post topics and draft content weeks ahead so you always have great scheduled posts ready to go.

Analyzing Performance

Review published posts to identify and learn from your top-performing content types and posting times.

Avoiding Over-Scheduling

Be strategic in scheduling daily posts. Carefully spacing posts prevents flooding follower feeds.

Collaborating with Others

Let colleagues contribute to scheduling by collaborating within a shared account.

Growing Your Instagram Presence

free scheduler provides the framework, but growing your presence requires a broader strategy:

Building a Strong Brand

Ensure your Instagram profile, posts and Stories align visually with your brand identity.

Engaging Your Audience

Foster participation by responding to comments, asking questions in captions, and sharing user-generated content.

Driving Website Traffic

Link to products, blogs, or promotions in captions to drive high-quality site traffic. Install tracking.


With a little research, you can find generous free Instagram scheduling tools perfect for small businesses. Choosing the right platform coupled with smart scheduling and engagement strategies will maximize your Instagram presence – without draining your marketing budget.

Key Takeaways

  • Use a free Instagram scheduler like Later or Buffer for convenient posting.
  • Determine optimal posting times based on your audience’s habits.
  • Create a content calendar and captivating captions to connect with your audience.

Consistency Matters

Scheduled consistency takes your Instagram presence to the next level by enabling streamlined, thoughtful content – all for free.

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