Is There a Free Bot/App/Website to Schedule Instagram Posts?

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14 September 2023

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Maintaining a consistent yet creative Instagram posting schedule takes effort. Fortunately, there are free online tools that allow users to schedule Instagram posts in advance automatically. While not as advanced as paid options, these free bots, apps, and websites provide helpful scheduling capabilities.

Benefits of Scheduling Instagram Posts

Reasons to schedule Instagram content include:

  • Maintain a steady posting schedule
  • Plan content in advance
  • Post at optimal high-traffic times
  • Promote posts at strategic times
  • Analyze best posting days and hours
  • Save time with batch scheduling
  • Collaborate with others on content

Drawbacks of Free Instagram Scheduling Tools

Potential downsides include:

  • Limited capabilities compared to paid tools
  • Manual workarounds are required in some cases
  • Harder to analyze performance without robust analytics
  • Difficult to determine optimal posting times
  • Restrictions on the number of accounts and posts

Schedule Posts Natively on Instagram

Instagram allows scheduling posts up to 75 days in advance natively from the mobile app. This is the easiest free option.

Use Third-Party Scheduling Apps

Apps like Later, Preview, and Buffer offer free tiers with limited scheduling queues. For example, Later’s free plan allows scheduling 30 posts per month to one Instagram profile.

Use Social Media Management Platforms

Tools like Hootsuite, Sprout Social, and Agorapulse offer free trials or plans with basic Instagram scheduling capabilities.

Leverage Reminders and Calendars

Manually plan posts in advance by setting reminders on phones or calendars to post specific content on chosen dates/times.

Repost Content from a Second Account

Schedule posts via a secondary account using apps or native scheduling, then repost that content to your main account.

Collaborate with Team Members or Assistants

Delegate scheduling to others by providing them access to your account to schedule approved posts for you.

Schedule in Advance and Analyze Performance

Schedule 1-2 weeks of posts at a time using free tools, then review analytics once content is posted.

Types of Instagram Content You Can Schedule

You can schedule most types of Instagram content for free including:

  • Static images
  • Short videos
  • Carousels
  • Minimal text captions

More complex posts like multi-part Stories are trickier.

Best Practices for Free Scheduling

  • Spread out scheduled posts over days/weeks
  • Post at a consistent frequency
  • Use captions and hashtags to boost engagement
  • Have backups of content in case of issues
  • Limit bulk uploads to 30 posts
  • Monitor performance after posting
  • Ensure proper image sizes and video formats

Limitations to Keep in Mind

  • Time-consuming manual workarounds
  • Restrictions on the volume of scheduled posts
  • Unable to schedule some types of content
  • Lack of robust analytics and data
  • Harder to determine and post at optimal times

Should You Pay for Premium Tools?

For managing multiple high-volume Instagram accounts, paid tools like Later, Planoly, or Hootsuite may provide helpful efficiency, automation, and analytics. But many users can get by with free options.

The Future of Free Scheduling Tools

We can expect more third-party scheduling innovations and likely native scheduling capabilities built into Instagram to simplify scheduling and limit reliance on external apps.


  • While limited compared to paid tools, free options like Buffer, Later and native Instagram scheduling allow users to plan and automatically schedule Instagram content in advance conveniently.
  • Balance free scheduling with real-time interaction. Analyze what performs best when posted. Have backup content available.
  • For simpler needs, free scheduling provides helpful capabilities. For larger volumes and accounts, invest in paid tools.


What’s the best completely free Instagram scheduling tool?

Preview has the most generous free plan, allowing users to schedule up to 20 Instagram posts per month to one profile.

Can you schedule Instagram Stories or live videos for free?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to schedule ephemeral Instagram Stories or live videos for free. Paid tools are required.

What are the limitations on scheduling volume with free Instagram tools?

Most free tools limit you to scheduling about 30 posts a month, with restrictions on the number of accounts and bulk uploading capacities.

Do any free Instagram scheduling apps offer analytics?

Some basic analytics may be available, but robust Instagram analytics requires investing in premium paid tools.

What paid tools offer the most Instagram scheduling capabilities?

Top paid Instagram scheduling tools include Later, Planoly, Hootsuite, Hopper HQ, and Iconosquare, with prices from $10-$100+ a month.

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