What is the Best Free Instagram Scheduling Tool?

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14 September 2023

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Overview of Instagram Scheduling Tools

Scheduling tools allow you to plan and automate your Instagram posts in advance. This saves time and ensures you post consistently.

Benefits of Scheduling Tools

Scheduling Instagram posts has many benefits:

  • Saves time by automating posting
  • Allows planning content in advance
  • Ensures posting consistency
  • Allows collaboration with others
  • Provides analytics on performance

Drawbacks of Paid Tools

Many popular scheduling tools like Hopper and Buffer offer free plans but with limited features. Their paid versions can get quite expensive.

Our Top Picks for Free Instagram Schedulers

Here are the best free Instagram scheduling tools:



  • Link up to 1 Instagram account
  • Schedule up to 30 posts in advance
  • Basic analytics


  • Can’t schedule Instagram Stories
  • No collaboration features



  • Connect up to 3 Instagram accounts
  • Unlimited scheduling
  • Has story scheduling


  • Basic analytics
  • No collaboration tools



  • Link 1 Instagram account
  • Schedule up to 10 posts
  • Queue posts and reuse old posts


  • No Instagram Story scheduling
  • Basic analytics only



  • Link up to 3 Instagram accounts
  • Schedule unlimited posts
  • Content and performance analytics


  • No ability to schedule Stories
  • Team collaboration requires an upgrade

Other Notable Free Instagram Schedulers

Here are some other free Instagram scheduling tools to consider:


  • Link unlimited Instagram accounts
  • Schedule unlimited posts
  • Basic analytics


  • Connect 1 Instagram account
  • Schedule unlimited posts
  • Visual calendar view


  • Connect up to 3 Instagram accounts
  • Schedule unlimited posts
  • Real-time analytics

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Free Scheduling Tool

When selecting a free Instagram scheduler, keep these factors in mind:

Number of Accounts

Some tools limit how many accounts you can connect. Go for unlimited if possible.

Posting Frequency

Choose a tool that meets your posting needs. Schedule at least 10 posts.

Content Type Support

Some free tools don’t allow scheduling Stories. Choose one that does both posts and Stories.

Scheduling Your Instagram Content for Free

Here is how to start scheduling your Instagram content for free:

Connecting Accounts

Link your Instagram account(s) to your chosen scheduling app. Make sure you allow permissions.

Scheduling Posts

Draft captions and hashtags. Add photos or videos. Pick dates and times to schedule each post.

Scheduling Stories

Create visuals or videos for your Story. Add text, stickers, or effects. Schedule the Story to post automatically.

Maximizing Your Free Scheduling Tool

Here are tips to get the most out of your free Instagram scheduler:

Post at Optimal Times

Use your scheduler’s analytics to determine the best times to post for engagement.

Analyze Performance

Review metrics on reach and engagement for each post. Identify what works well.

Collaborate with Others

If supported, use your scheduler to collaborate with others on content creation.

Conclusion & FAQs

Free scheduling tools make growing your Instagram followers easy. Follow this guide to choose the right free Instagram scheduler for your needs.

The Benefits of Free Scheduling

Scheduling Instagram posts for free saves time ensures consistency, allows planning, and provides basic analytics.

 How many Instagram accounts can I manage for free?

Most free scheduling tools allow 1-3 Instagram accounts. Some support unlimited accounts.

 Can I schedule posts and Stories for free?

Some free tools like Planoly and Hopper allow scheduling both posts and Stories. Others are limited to posts only.

 What are the downsides to free Instagram schedulers?

Downsides include limits on the number of accounts, posts, features, and basic analytics. Paid upgrades unlock more capabilities.

 How do free schedulers make money?

They offer premium or pro-paid versions with more features. Some also have ads.

 Should I upgrade to a paid scheduler?

Only if you need features like more accounts, audiences, collaboration, and advanced analytics. Free works for basic needs

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