Best Smart TVs for the money in 2020 | TOP 5 to buy

Best Smart TVs for the money in 2020 | TOP 5 to buy
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14 July 2020

Smart TVs are the latest trend in the TV industry. Not only can you watch your favorite TV shows, but you can also browse the web, stream content, play video games, and more. In this video, we’re going to look at the top five best smart TVs available on the market today. We made this list based on our own opinion, research, and customer reviews. We’ve considered their quality, features, and values when narrowing down the best choices possible.

5. LG SM9500

Best Smart TVs for the money in 2020 | TOP 5 to buyThis TV is an excellent ultra-high-definition in-plane switching TV with good picture quality and impressive motion handling. It offers an aesthetically pleasing design with a C centered stand. In terms of picture quality, the TV can be very bright in SDR and has excellent reflection handling, which makes it suitable in bright environments. It is designed with Nano Color Display and Full Array Local Dimming. Its contrast ratio can be quite mediocre, but this is expected from an IPS display panel. In terms of input lag, the SM9500 is one of the best Smart TV on the market. Its response time is very fast, which will please any gamers. The SM9500 also has a 4K HDR made possible by an a7 Gen 2 Intelligent Processor. It is supported by Dolby Vision and Dolby ATMOS 2.2, giving you a cinematic experience. It features LG ThinQ AI, with a built-in Alexa and Google Assistant. It also works with Airplay, perfect for iOS users.

Its PROs are: 

  • The quality of images and colors are detailed and clear
  • It has an accurate off-angled viewing
  • It offers a higher brightness level
  • It has a very low input lag

However, its local dimming is bad at improving the dark scene performance in a dark room. If you are looking for a smart TV that is well balanced, offers great functionality, and is excellent for gaming use, then the LG SM9500 is a great option to consider. This UHD IPS TV comes with good picture quality and impressive motion handling

4. Sony X950H

Best Smart TVs for the money in 2020 | TOP 5 to buyThe Sony X950H is an excellent 4k TV that delivers a stunning HDR experience with its high peak brightness and impressive color gamut. It has full-array local dimming to enhance its already great contrast ratio further. It makes it a good choice for dark room viewing. Like its predecessor, the Sony X950G, it has topnotch color accuracy and impressive motion handling. The X950H has built-in microphones that let you speak to Google Assistant to control the set and any Google Home compatible devices. The X950H is well-equipped to handle any type of room setting, as it has a great contrast ratio that allows it to produce deep blacks and its excellent peak brightness that can easily overcome glare. It delivers an awesome HDR experience and it upscales lower resolution content from cable TV well. It has a fast response time and low input lag, but there are no advanced gaming features like VRR. It's able to display chroma 4:4:4 and is immune to permanent burn-in, making it a very good choice for use as a PC monitor.

Its pros are:

  • It has superb SDR and HDR peak brightness
  • An outstanding reflection handling

However, the cons are:

  • It has subpar viewing angles. Although it includes the X-Wide Angle, the angles are still not ideal for wide seating arrangements
  • It lacks variable refresh rate support

For most uses, the Sony X950H delivers beyond expectations. It is a sleek, smart television that offers excellent color display, while providing superb motion handling for perfect TV watching.

3. Samsung Q90T

Best Smart TVs for the money in 2020 | TOP 5 to buyThe Samsung Q90T is a high-end 4K TV range that is heavily focused on unlocking the brightness and color range you can get with high dynamic range or HDR pictures. It boasts a new power-control system that appairs electrical currents to different parts of the image more intelligently. In other words, power can be taken away from dark parts of a picture, where it’s not needed, and diverted to brighter parts. Also onboard is Samsung’s new Object Tracking Sound system. The speakers placed in the top and bottom edges, combined with acoustic processing, make sound effects appear to be coming from the correct area of the screen. So if a gun goes off in the bottom left corner, that’s where the report will come from. The sound can even track the progress of moving sounds as they cross or circle the screen. Its simple and elegant design fits easily into any room, and the TV performs equally well in dark or bright environments. HDR content is delivered with vibrant colors and bright highlights, and it also runs on the great Tizen OS.

It carries the latest adaptation of Samsung’s Quantum 4K processor, which includes improved upscaling of sub-4K sources. The Q90T presents one cool new HDR feature: Picture Optimisation. It uses a light meter to intelligently adjust the way HDR pictures are output so that they still have the same sort of impact in bright rooms that they have in dark rooms. Motion handling is superb thanks to its incredibly fast response time. Gamers will be pleased with its exceptionally low input lag and FreeSync support. The time it takes to render pictures drops to less than 10 milliseconds if you select its Game mode – the lowest figure you’d probably see on a 4K TV. Also, one of the Q90T’s four HDMI ports can handle enough data to support playback of 4K HDR games at frame rates of up to 120Hz. It should be enough to cope with even the most extreme 4K imagery the upcoming Xbox Series X and PS5 are likely to throw at you.

Its pros are:

  • It has outstanding HDR peak brightness
  • As well as exceptional motion handling
  • Low input lag and FreeSync support

However, it is expensive by LCD standards. The Samsung Q90T is a cutting-edge set with nearly every imaginable feature to deliver a stunning picture quality and viewing experience.


Best Smart TVs for the money in 2020 | TOP 5 to buyThis remarkable TV offers excellent picture quality with a display of perfect blacks. It has a wide viewing angle, good SDR peak brightness, and handles reflections well in bright rooms. The TV also comes with a wide color gamut and decent HDR brightness, but the auto-brightness level can sometimes be annoying. In terms of gaming, the B9 is an excellent TV for playing video games. Other than having superb response time, low input lag, and auto low latency mode, it also provides excellent color reproduction with almost no delays. It is an OLED TV available in 4 sizes: 55-, 65-, 75-, and 82-inch. It also has an a7 Gen 2 Intelligent Processor, giving a 4K HDR viewing quality. It features NVIDIA G Sync Compatibility and uses Dolby Vision and Dolby ATMOS 2.2. This is perfect for gamers who want a high-quality gaming experience with instant response time, amazing images, and sound. It also has an LG ThinQ AI that comes with a built-in Alexa and Google Assistant.

Its PROs are:

  • It provides accurate wide-angled viewing
  • It offers high-quality, clear, and vibrant colors and images
  • It delivers perfect blacks
  • It is excellent for video games

However, this TV is prone to burn-ins. Despite all the excellent features and performance, B9 is no safe to burn-in issues that almost all OLED display panels suffer from. The LG B9 OLED is a superb smart television that we highly recommend due to its excellent HDR display, and flexibility for computer and gaming purposes.


Best Smart TVs for the money in 2020 | TOP 5 to buyThe LG C9 OLED is one of the best, if not the best, OLED television on the market. It is an excellent TV that delivers outstanding dark room performance. The OLED panel produces excellent picture quality with perfect blacks and wide viewing angles. It is an excellent smart TV overall and the only issue that anyone that should be wary of is the possibilities of burn-in. In terms of gaming, every gamer will love this smart TV. Not only that it offers excellent picture quality, but it also has a near-instantaneous response time, so fast-paced games look crisp, with almost no motion blur. Furthermore, it supports a variable refresh rate to reduce screen tearing.

When gaming on a compatible console like the Xbox One, the Auto Low Latency Mode sets the TV to perform optimally during game sessions. It is an OLED TV available in 3 sizes: 55-, 65-, and 77-inch. It uses an a9 Gen 2 Intelligent Processor for a 4K HDR viewing quality. It features NVIDIA G Sync Compatibility, providing you a smooth and fast experience for gaming. It has Dolby Vision and Dolby ATMOS 2.2 that produces terrific visuals and audio. It is also equipped with an LG ThinQ AI that comes with a built-in Alexa and Google Assistant.

Its PROs are:

  • It gives a high-definition and realistic picture quality
  • It provides enhanced and vibrant colors
  • It has little to no motion blur
  • Its black colors are pitch black when viewed in a dark room

However, it is more expensive than the prior year’s model. The LG C9 OLED blows us away with - impressive picture and sound, - a truly “smart” smart TV experience, and - decidedly sleek design. And that is all for our top five Smart TVs on the market. 

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