Comparison Between Windows Server 2022 and 2019

Comparison Between Windows Server 2022 and 2019
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To meet today's complicated data and business requirements, Microsoft regularly familiarizes upgrades and enhancements to its server operating system, such as improved security, faster network, cloud upgrades, etc.

Microsoft revealed the latest version of Windows Server 2022 in September 2021. Since then, many individuals and forums have been speculating about the modifications and unique features of Windows Server 2022. For example, Windows Server 2022 Essentials is the most used edition of Windows Server 2022. 

Outdated hardware and software or OS are not recommended for IT infrastructure as they make loopholes for cyber threats. Windows Server 2022 is the most protected, trustworthy, and Azure-compatible server Microsoft created in the 20th century.


Viewing the increasing security threats, Windows Server 2022 is built with top-notch security parameters. It is a healthy security package that secures end-to-end IT infrastructure.

Windows Server 2022 will allow organizations of all types to run their workloads securely, facilitate hybrid cloud integration, and update their apps to meet demanding IT requirements.

According to recent research, an IBM study in 2021 showed that more than 500+ data breaches globally resulted in a cost of $4.24 million, the highest in 17 years.

Data protection is essential for all businesses as security threats and cyber-attacks increase. Windows Server 2022 plays a crucial role in today's scenario, including advanced safety features with secure server kernels, secure connectivity, and more.

Let's see the two most used versions of Windows servers, Windows 2022 and 2019, and how they differ. 

Versions available with Windows 2022 server

Microsoft Windows Server 2022 has three major editions: Essential, Standard, and Data Center, and there is one more version released – the Azure Datacenter edition.

Let's compare the exact technical differences between these editions and Windows Server 2022 Editions; 

All editions of Windows Server 2022 can choose to install the server core and desktop versions. The desktop edition is installed for remote desktop conclave hosted with non-server benefits and other components.

Server version installation is planned for precise roles and functions such as web server, Active Directory, DNS server, virtualization, etc.

While there are multiple variations across all versions, in this section, we will see the major differences between the editions of Windows 2022.

Windows Server 2022 Essential edition: 

Windows Server 2022 Essentials edition is developed for small organizations that help a maximum of 25 users and 50 devices. It lacks characteristics like a dashboard, client backup, and access anywhere, and it supports processors with a maximum of 10 cores.

Windows Server 2022 Standard edition:

The Standard Edition is the basic edition of Windows Server 2022. The solitary license of the standard version can work with two virtual machines and a Hyper-V host. 

The Replica Storage choice is accessible with one partnership and one resource group having a capacity of 2 TB. Features like hot patching, software-defined networking, and storage are not available in the standard version.

Windows Server 2022 Datacenter edition:

This version has elite features not part of the Standard Edition, such as protected VMs. This feature covers the VM's firmware and startup files and allows BitLocker disk encryption. 

As data protection and management are required for enterprise-level infrastructure, Microsoft combines two key functions: software-defined storage and storage replication.

Storage replication delivers block-level data without data loss and even replicates open files. Software-defined storage with Storage Spaces Direct allows manageability and scalability – endorses up to 16 servers and 1 petabyte of cluster storage. 

Azure edition: 

As the name suggests, it is developed for the Microsoft Azure platform. It has outstanding features not available in Standard Edition and DataCenter Edition. Like, the Hot Patch feature lets you install updates without renewing the server, and Server Message Block through QUIC delivers access to shared files without needing a Virtual Private Network over the network.

Windows 2022 Azure Edition dash virtual machines on the Azure Stack Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) OS, known for its security, new hybrid capabilities, and performance. 

Difference Between Windows Server 2022 and 2019

Microsoft introduced Windows Server 2022 in September 2021 with some modifications from Server 2019 (released October 2018). Windows Server 2022 is more protected and flexible and supports hybrid deployments better than 2019. 

The three prominent differences when it comes to security, cloud, and connectivity:

  • From a protection perspective, Defender Advanced Threat Protection, Exploit Guard, and Attack Surface Reduction is unrestricted on Windows Server 2019. Meanwhile, in Windows 2022, multiple layered security introduces enhanced cryptographic keys, firmware protection, and virtualization environment security.
  • In terms of connectivity, Windows 2022 introduces Transport Layer 1.3 security, Server Message Block (SMB), Secure DNS, and SMB over QUIC. Software-Defined Network (SDN) Security was available in 2019.
  • The cloud has become a need in today's IT infrastructure. Microsoft has unleashed a hybrid cloud service in Windows 2019, including compatibility with the server's core applications. Microsoft moved a step further in Windows 2022 and combined Azure Arc technology. With this technology, you can control multiple clouds from a central console from Azure.

With the help of Microsoft Windows Server 2022, businesses can manage their interactions with a protected infrastructure, combine their existing virtual environments into their hybrid cloud models, and restructure their applications to meet demanding metamorphosis. To get details for Windows Server 2022, Microsoft Windows server 2019 standard, and other versions contact DirectDeals; here, you will find amazing deals on certain products.

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