Explore The Top AI Courses Here!

Explore The Top AI Courses Here!
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08 December 2022

Almost no industry has not been affected in some way by artificial intelligence online course or machine learning, even though these technologies are still in their infancy and development.

Therefore, becoming a genius is not all about AI. To help professionals and recent graduates advance in AI-ML, we have put together a list of a few courses that will be offered in 2022. Details of AI Courses for 2022–2023 are provided in the article.

1. Machine Hack Pocket Courses

Machine Hack features several pocket courses in machine learning and analytics that enable people to learn more quickly than comprehensive machine learning courses, which are time- and resource-intensive. And take part in hackathons to hone such abilities while gaining in-depth knowledge.

2. Specialization In Machine Learning

Deep Learning

Together, Stanford University Online and AI have developed a user-friendly course for teaching machine learning basics and developing practical AI applications. The three courses are part of a basic specialization taught by Andrew Ng, Aarti Bagul, Eddy Shyu, and Geoff Ladwig. The three-course curriculum is a revision of Andrew's machine learning course, which was first offered in 2012 and attracted more than 4.8 million students.

The following three courses make up the specialization:

  • Machine learning under the supervision

  • Regressive and categorical

  • Advanced Learning Methodologies

  • Reinforcement learning, unsupervised learning, and recommenders

Using Python and additional libraries like NumPy and sci-kit-learn, the course provides a thorough introduction to contemporary machine learning. Topics covered include clustering and anomaly detection, as well as creating and training neural networks with TensorFlow.

3. Data Science Course At IIT Mandi

The National Skills Development Corporation and the Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi have teamed up to provide certificate programs in machine learning and data science beginning in November. The IIT Mandi faculty will be in charge of delivering the courses online. To allow students to consider jobs as data scientists, business analysts, and data scientists, the curriculum will cover the fundamentals of data science and also specialize in machine learning with Python. IIT Mandi and NSDC will both offer certificates for the nine-month course.

4. YouTube Google AI Research

The Google Research YouTube channel, which focuses on topics including robotics, AI/ML, quantum computing, health, and biology, was unveiled by Google AI in August. A channel is a complementary tool for information about topics. Meet a Google researcher and learn about their latest technological advancements.

Research Bytes specializes in compressing Google research articles into digestible bite-sized content.

Spotlights examines new Google technologies in-depth, concentrating on a single invention at a time.

5. The PGDM In Data Science And Cloud Computing At IIT Jodhpur

IIT Jodhpur has introduced a post-graduate credential in cloud computing and data engineering in partnership with Wiley NXT. The 12-month intensive course covers managing the lifespan of a data engineering project, such as collecting large data and employing machine learning to provide insights. A bachelor's degree in science or engineering with a minimum GPA of 50% is required for the course. Additionally, the candidate must have at least two years of experience as a working professional.

6. The Sony India Finishing School Program at IIT Madras

IIT Madras' Pravartak Technologies and Sony India Software Center joined together to offer a free course to children who were born during the epidemic and have household incomes under INR 8 lakh.

The training emphasizes communication skills, cybersecurity, computer graphics, and AI and ML.

The top 15 students from the six-month course will receive job offers from Sony, while the remaining students will be able to apply for job interviews at the IIT-M placement cell.

The highest scorers on the entrance exam receive a stipend in addition to the free course.

7. Samsung Innovation Campus, Number

To upskill students and young professionals in AI, IoT, Big Data, and coding and prepare them for prospects, Samsung India established the Samsung Innovation Campus. The Electronics Sector Skills Council of India has proposed that the first batch consists of 3,000 underprivileged students from all around India (ESSCI). Students will be mentored by Samsung researchers throughout the course, and ESSCI-approved educational professionals will teach the classes. The 270 hours of theory and 80 hours of project work for the AI course will be conducted.

8. Deep Learning In Coding Practice

The Practical Deep Learning for Coders 2022 course, which Fast.ai has been creating for the past three years to educate students on how to build deep learning models, was just made public. Collaborative filtering, tabular analysis, and computer vision challenges are all covered in the course. Students who successfully finish this course will be able to put basic deep learning concepts like gradient descent, stochastic gradient, and complete training loop into practice. Jeremy Howard is the instructor for the nine lessons, each lasting roughly 90 minutes. Previous course graduates now hold positions at Google Brain, OpenAI, Amazon, Tesla, and Adobe.

Artificial Intelligence Courses On Coursera

Artificial intelligence courses, specializations, and professional degree programs are available through Online Courses on Coursera. These were developed in collaboration with the top data science colleges and universities on the planet as well as leaders in the AI sector like IBM and Google.

Machine learning, deep learning, python programming, artificial neural networks, tensor flow, reinforcement learning, and other skills are covered in these ai online course and certification programs. There are several introductory courses available for students with no prior knowledge of this subject, and there are also more advanced courses available for working AI professionals.

The following are some of the most well-liked Coursera ai online course options:

  • Machine Learning AI Certification from Stanford University, AI for Everyone by Andrew Ng

  • IBM Deep Learning Specialization in AI Engineering Professional Certificate

  • Using AI Foundations for Everyone, an IBM Specialization

  • IBM Professional Certificate in Applied AI

  • Python for Everyone: IBM Data Science Professional Certificate by the University of Michigan

  • Washington University's Machine Learning Concentration

  • Specialization in Reinforcement Learning at the University of Alberta

  • AI Applications for Medicine on Azure Developed by IBM Using Deep Learning

Wrapping Up

The future talent is artificial intelligence (AI), which is a skill. According to estimates, the global economy will benefit from the AI sector to the tune of $15 trillion by 2030. Artificial intelligence online course have a severe lack of trained workers, therefore if you're just entering the profession, learning these skills can ensure a lucrative, future-proof career. Re-skilling and up-skilling with future-oriented employment skills like AI are more important than ever for individuals who are already in the workforce.

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