Get Rid Of The QuickBooks Payroll Error PS038 With Easy Methods!

Get Rid Of The QuickBooks Payroll Error PS038 With Easy Methods!

QuickBooks is a software that offers a wide array of tools and options. You may run into specific errors. For example, the QB Error PS038 can be seen while running your payroll, downloading the tax table updates, or if your paychecks get stuck in the system as ‘Online to Send. However, this issue becomes less concerning as there are multiple tested methods to sort the payroll error PS038.

You can contact us on our helpline if you feel stuck during the process of resolving the QB Error PS038. We will help you out with not just QB errors, but with any query you may have in general about QuickBooks.

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View the three tested solutions below that can help you get rid of the QB Error Code PS038:

Here are the top four methods you can use to tackle the payroll QB error PS038:

Solution 1: Update Your QuickBooks And Create A Data Backup To Get Rid Of QB Error Code PS038

 Make sure that your QuickBooks is up-to-date before proceeding to create a backup. 

Here are the steps to create a backup of your company file manually:

Step 1: Launch your QuickBooks.

Step 2: Select and go to the ‘Switch to Single-user Mode’.

Step 3: Go to the menu ‘File’ and hover back to the option that says ‘Back up Company’.

Step 4: Now, click on the option that mentions ‘Create Local Backup’.

Step 5: In this window, click on ‘Local Backup’ and proceed to ‘Next’.

Step 6: When in the ‘Local Backup Only’ Section, select ‘Browse’ and choose where you want to store this backup company file.

Step 7: Here, set the number of backups you want to keep. This step, however, is purely optional.

Step 8: This will just run a test to ensure that your backup file is completely okay before saving it.

Step 9: Now, click ‘Ok’.

Step 10: Select the option called ‘Save it now’ and hit ‘Next’. You will get a confirmation message on your screen once this backup file is done saving.

Step 11: If this does not resolve your Payroll Error PS038 in QB, jump to the next solution.

Solution 2: Try To Send Your Payroll Data Or Usage Data For An Easy Way Out Of The PS038 Payroll Error

Here are the steps that you need to follow:

Step 1: In your QB, go to ‘Employees’ and select the option that says ‘My Payroll Service’.

Step 2: Here, select ‘Send Usage Data’. If you do not see this option, skip to the next step.

Step 3: Once again. Go to ‘Employees’ and click on ‘Send Payroll Data’.

Step 4: Now, go into the ‘Send/Receive Payroll Data’ window.

Step 5: From here, select the option that says ‘Send All’.

Step 6: Enter your payroll service pin here if asked.

Step 7: If your data is sent successfully, try to get payroll updates.

Step 8: If the send was unsuccessful, you need to contact us for help.

Solution 3: Identify Stuck Paychecks. This May Take The PS038 Error Away

Let’s see the steps for this method:

Step 1: Firstly, go over to ‘Edit’ and then proceed to click on ‘Find’.

Step 2: Now, select the tab that mentions ‘Advanced’.

Step 3: Go to the section ‘Choose Filter’ in the' Advanced' tab.

Step 4: Now, proceed to select the option called ‘Detail Level’ from the given ‘Filter’ list.

Step 5: Click on the option ‘Summary Only’ here.

Step 6: Now, head back to the ‘Filter’ list. Once there, scroll down to select the option saying ‘Online Status’ and then proceed to click on ‘Online to Send’.

Step 7: Finally, select the option called ‘Find’. Here, you will see that Paychecks did not send to Intuit. Make sure to note the ‘Number of Matches’ on this ‘Find’ window.

Check if the Error PS038 has been resolved. If it persists, head to the next solution.

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Solution 4: Use The Verify & Rebuild Your Data Utilities To Get Rid Of Error Code PS038

The steps to follow are given below:

Step 1: Click on windows and choose ‘Close All’.

Step 2: Go into your QuickBooks and click on ‘File’ after launching it.

Step 3: From ‘File’, click on the option called ‘Utilities’.

Step 4: Now, locate and click on ‘Verify Data’. After you click on it, let it do its work.

Step 5: If you see a message saying ‘Your data has lost integrity’, then that means Verify data utility detected damage in your file.

Step 6: You must proceed to Rebuild your data in case this happens.

Step 7: Once again, go to ‘File’ and go to ‘Utilities’.

Step 8: This time around, choose ‘Rebuild Data’. 

Step 9: You will be asked to create a backup file, Click ‘Ok’.

Step 10: If you see a message saying ‘Replace another backup file?’ or ‘Overwrite another existing backup file?’, click ‘No’.

Step 11: Enter a new name for this backup file and hit save to fix this issue.

Step 12: Rebuild Data utility will start working as soon as the backup is saved.

Step 13: Click ‘Ok’ when the rebuild is finished.

Check to make sure that the QB Payroll Error PS038 is gone.

End Note:

We hope that these precisely tailored solutions were of help in tackling the QuickBooks Payroll Error PS038. However, if you feel stuck or confused, feel free to contact us on our helpline number for further help.  Call us to get your error fixed soon +1-855-738-0359


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